Sunday, August 9, 2015

SJ's Party Day~

When we have BC we stay home from church and spend it with family.
Everyone was fine with that since Mimi was tired from her trip
and Rosie was home from first days of college life.
The first moments of the morning with BC are some of my favorites~
Isn't he just the most precious baby in the world???!!!

It wasn't long before the birthday girl was up and ready for her party day.
We made lunch for everyone and the celebration was on~
SJ wanted a dog cake but no one could make to her standards so
I ordered from Publix and dad picked up a little cupcake dog from Ingles for the final touch.
Added some candles and balloons~
 Sang Happy Birthday for a super sweet birthday girl!!!

We also celebrated having Mimi home and three Originals back together!~
 and this sweet couple back together!!!~
 My sister Sissy and family were back in town and THAT was perfect too~
 The best part of the day for SJ was opening all her gifts~
Everything from legos and teasets to books/games and a swing plus new dog and swimsuits!!!
I think she would rank it right up there with some of her favorite days!!! 
Happy 8th birthday SJ...
We couldn't love you more and look forward to many more!

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  1. We had so much fun celebrating sweet SJ!!!