Sunday, December 30, 2018

A Beautiful, Cozy December~

Lots of our time was spent getting to know little Molly with everyone holding her~

One of the Highlights for me was our Annual Girls' Christmas Day out.
We went to Braselton to brunch~
 and shopped the outlets the rest of the day.
I LOVE spending time with my big girls, hearing their hearts, and loving on them personally!

My best purchase was this beautiful rug from Pottery Barn~

More Molly holding~

The kids spent an afternoon cleaning their playhouse and wanted a photo~

We spent one day making yummy treats for our sweet neighbors~

Puzzles, dress up, and Molly made our days extra sweet~

We had a dusting of snow one morning and spent the day by the fire~

Remember the furniture I had covered? Here it is all beautiful in my living room~

A Happy birthday party for my mom with cupcakes~
 And a beautiful sign painted by Amelia and framed by Logan~
 Absolutely beautiful!!!

We took Molly up to see her brother Tux which my brother Jason adopted~
 They were so cute together and definitely remembered each other!

Hayden and Rosie surprised us that they are getting their own puppy in January~

Aunt Susan had all the Ankerich family over for a big family Christmas~
 It is always wonderful to be with family and catch up with each other.

Then we went by Scott's newest finished new build, and we agreed...
 It was gorgeous!!!

I had the honor of shooting photos of Amy and Jason's family~
 LOVE them!

We all went to the Hartwell Christmas parade too~

Rosie and Ben Curtis dressed for work and school~

Look at these hula girls dressed up by SJ~

One of the newest Christmas Traditions was cookie decorating at Nana's house~

Everyone loved making, decorating, and enjoying soup for lunch~

Look at these precious faces~

Merry Christmas to Scott and I~ We got a new mattress after too many years~
 We love it!

Look at precious Molly~ (Photo by EK)

Another wonderful day was Payne's baptism~
 We loved having all our family there to celebrate this wonderful day!

Our Christmas Card~

Gifts ready for the kiddos~

Christmas morning was so sweet.
We always begin on the stairs for a photo~

Once they rounded the corner, the gifts were opened with lots of joy~

Everyone's wishes came true~

Especially for Shaylee because she's been waiting years for a violin~

SO much fun~

Jenny Lynn was able to be with us and sing her solo with her new microphone~

We spent the whole day playing with all our new things~

Savannah, Josh, and the boys arrived about 3~

We opened gifts and took photos waiting for everyone else~

Even the big girls got surprises~

I cross stitched these family portraits for them~

SO cute!
I LOVE that they went out and took photos on their own~

Around 4, everyone came over for dinner and time together~

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to your's~

Days since Christmas have been hard.
I got all the decorations down just in time for the horrible flu to hit our family~
So we have stayed close to home getting everyone well.
Look over Shaylee's head and see my beautiful Christmas gift...
My very own Scripture sign for my office!


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