Saturday, August 8, 2015

SJ is 8~ {The Best of Days}

SJ had counted down her birthday with a chain for weeks
because Mill would be home that day as well.
It finally came and we were so happy to have BC with us for the weekend too~
 One of the things I love about SJ is her easy going spirit...
The highlights of her day was choosing a breakfast of sausage cheese casserole,
opening her big gift {Woodzeez's Treehouse and family}
and don't ask me why I don't have pics... who knows!~
 She also got a trip to the new bakery in town for a cupcake and donuts then
the BIG trip to the airport to pick up Mimi...
she was the only little that got to go~
 It was the BEST of homecomings~
 Mimi right back where she belongs~
 A great adventure for sure~
But no one like family and HOME!
WHEW~ our girl is home and all is right with the world!!!
Praise Jesus for this great blessing!
Happy birthday SJ... tomorrow is your PARTY!!!


  1. Loved all your sweet pics!! I know it was a special day for everyone in your family!! So glad she's home safe and SJ had a great bday!