Saturday, August 1, 2015

Our Learning Space~

If you have followed my school blog over the last couple of years
you know we have schooled all over our house.
This summer as we have sporadically schooled I began thinking about
a designated space where learning and imagination could collide each day.

My first thought (and we have used this room for school once before) was the living room.
It is off to itself and hardly ever used so just seemed natural to use it.
I wanted tables for two children to share and looked online for ideas.
I even ordered three from Target and sent them all back.

I dreamed of little tables like the big one we have at the pool...
after all who doesn't love a beautiful farmhouse table!!!
This plan came up one day while I was searching and knew it was the one.
Scott finally got on board and we began building.

One week later after a few shopping trips with kids in tow
we completed all the details for our room and I couldn't be happier.

It is a bright, happy space with lots of room for all we will share together~
 The view of all four wall~

 The tables are nestled along the back wall behind our pink sofa
with everything they will need each day~
 There is so much charm woven into this room~
The old windows hanging above the desks once hung over my grandmother Martin's kitchen sink.
The pink sofa and floral chairs were my grandmother Ferguson's 
and I remember them from when I was a little girl!

Each pair of children will share a space~
 Pencil boxes in a tray on the table and a shelf holding their favorite book collection
as well as all the learning materials they need~

 We have a time and materials wall, US map, and white board area~
I really think we will spend most of our time piled on the sofa or lying on the round rug
listening to and reading lots of books!!!
Much work to be done but the Whole Hearts to nurture will matter the most!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

DR Visits~

Payne saw the orthopedist Tuesday and we are pretty sure surgery on his arm
is coming sometime in Oct from a break back in January.
We stopped by IKEA afterwards and treated everyone to $.50 hotdogs~
And on the way home we were able to grab dinner with Josh, Savannah, and BC~
Isn't he the sweetest thing ever???

Today we headed to the heart dr with SJ and WP to receive a raving great report for both of them!
We also picked up Evie's new glasses~
We celebrated @ Steak-n-Shake with this cute crowd!
Can't tell you how thankful tomorrow is a HOME day with no appointments!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A BIG Building Week~

With all 6 kids in school this year I decided it was time for a permanent room
for our learning time.
I looked for tables and desks... even ordered 3 from Target and took them back.
I wanted to build tables that would fit our space so on Saturday Scott went to Home Depot~
 I found plans online HERE and we built our first table on Saturday with our #1 helper~ 
 We built another Monday afternoon and painting began Wednesday...
{My first chalk painting experience and I am hooked!}~
 Two more on Wednesday afternoon and both painted~
 Scott also brought home these old windows from my grandmother's house
and once cleaned up looked beautiful above the table~
 Tuesday was a dr day and afterwards we made our first ever stop at IKEA
for a few goodies including these adorable chairs~
All of the tables are done and in place waiting for Monday to roll around
although they have already used and everyone keeps saying~
"We LOVE our new tables!"
So excited to show you the room once it is ready!

*We cut our tables down to 4' so 2 kids could sit comfortably side by side.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Weekend Fun~

SJ practiced her golf and pulled another front tooth~
 Scott and I began building tables for our school room~
and there was MUCH swimming enjoyed!!!
Loved every minute!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

My Littles and My NEW Camera~ {Sony a6000}

I was finding with a big heavy camera and a big amazing family
I wasn't shooting much with my Nikon... 
always with my phone.
It really boiled down to ease and time.

I began searching for a new one that would shoot just as beautiful as my Nikon
with the help of Landon (thanks!)
and he suggested the Sony A6000.
I ordered and have loved it SO much!!!
 It came with a 16-50mm zoom and I also got the 50mm prime for portraiture! 
 It is super easy to shoot and I LOVE the wifi capability the most~
 With the click of about 3 buttons, I can transfer photos right to my camera roll
which then goes to dropbox saving tons of time in my opinion~

And if proof is needed, look at the photos taken just last night while at the pool~
 A friend asked how we get them all to look and smile...
look below~
 We bribed them with a big juicy ice cold watermelon of course~
I think it is the perfect camera for our big wonderful family life!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Staying Cool~

With 90+ days, Keeping Cool is the name of the game~
At the Pool!!!

Monday, July 20, 2015

A Ben Curtis Weekend~ {SHAYcation}

Savannah and Josh went away for a little VAcation
and left BC with us for his SHAYcation. :)
{Cute thought Josh!}
We had the BEST time with him...
 Hanging out~
 Sitting with ShayShay~
 Teaching everyone how to share with me~
 Eating and swimming~
 And made it back home to mama~
Time with BC is always our favorite time!!!
Thank you Josh and Savannah for giving us this great joy!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Evie Appts~

Our week began with a sick appointment for EC {strep} on Tuesday~
and Wednesday was her eye appointment where we decided she needed new frames.
Hoping they stay on her face better than the other ones.
THEN we picked up BC for the weekend!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sweetness over the Weekend~

Evie loves her hair and doesn't it show~
LOVED having Ben Curtis, Savannah, and Josh here on Saturday

and 5 of the littles are all in the same class @ NewSpring until August~
Ms. Kim is their fav and can't wait to see her each week!!!
We LOVE our church!!!