Friday, June 7, 2019

Butterfly Projects~

The kids love a good project and because BC was here, I made a Math Symmetry project where we traced half a butterfly and opened to watercolor paint half of it~

Once the paint was applied and pressed to opposite side, we ran it under the water to activate then pressed onto watercolor paper~

They turned out beautiful~

Yesterday we took the side view of our butterfly and sketched the mirror image~

It was a lot harder than it looks but they did great~
 I sat with each one and typed up their narrations about raising the butterflies and we added it to our nature journals!

Ella brought down her microscope so everyone could have a turn looking at a moth wing they found outside~

Sometimes I don't have time to do my nature journaling with them so I spent time in the afternoon working on mine~
All moms need to take time to do something fun too!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Five Grand Days~

Savannah and Josh went on a wonderful trip to Key West so we got to keep the boys while they were gone. I set up a cute little room right off our suite for them sleep and play in~

We met Josh at CFA to get the boys and ran by the barn to show them the cows~

Once home, they immediately wanted to play in their new room~

Saturday afternoon Ella took her piano assessment and moved on to Level 3!~

We played outside for a while and it was time for Marshall to sleep in a trundle for the very first time~
Sweet little sleeping baby!

After rest, we had swimming time and popsicles~

A great first day for sure!!!~

Aunt Susan dropped off a keyboard and everyone was SO excited to try it out~

More swimming~

We got really brave and took everyone for a evening boat ride~

Just some sweet photos of our time together~

Sweet Marshall always loved playing with his tigers~
And this last photo is of the boys strapped into Scott's truck headed home first thing Thursday morning on his way to work. Cried and cried when they left but they are ready to be home with their FUN mom and dad..
Good job on the great big catch Nan!!!

Friday, May 31, 2019

Lots of Learning~

Calla got a set of Lola book for her birthday and one morning she woke up wanting to make her own Lola book~

We had such a fun lesson one day with directions and went outside to play a simon says game of walking in a certain direction~

Our hymn gave us the wonderful activity of reading Saint Francis and then writing a biography narration~

Amelia found a dead female cardinal beside the road and brought it to Ella who proceeded to pick the bones for her nature shelf. She amazes me~

This was our very first year ordering a butterfly kit and boy were we blessed by it! 2 cups of caterpillars arrived still as could be but in just a few minutes were crawling all over the place looking for food~

Only about a week later, they began to make their chrysalises on the top of the cups~

So we moved them to stands then placed them inside the butterfly house~

Another week passed and we woke to 10 beautiful Painted Lady butterflies~

It was SO wonderful to have the boys here to expeience this with us!
They were amazed although BC said they did it at school, he was able to see close and hold one~

We took them out to our butterfly bush, put our hands in to allow them to light on our hand, and watched them fly away~

What a gift to witness the miracle of seeing caterpillars to butterflies~
God is SO amazing!!!

We are reading through the Beatrix Potter series so we nature journaled squirrels~

AND one morning Evie was standing at the kitchen sink when all of a sudden a huge bee flew to the window. I assumed it was a Cicada killer but Ella said NO Mom, that's an Eastern Hornet.

After I recovered from the shock of capturing it to protect us (and observe), we spent the whole morning researching and sketching it~

Pretty awesome sketches I think~

We tried to save it but it passed so now it's on our nature shelf in all its beauty~
 Lot of learning here EVEN in the summer!!!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Lake Time~

We are SO thankful to live on the lake and be able to walk down to the dock, hop on the boat, and go out for the day~

The kids LOVE finding a calm cove to swim around the boat in~

Our lot needed some weed eating love so Scott and I cleaned it up and sat out our chairs~

The kids loved playing off the bank and our dock the whole afternoon~

I started my day with a walk and saw this beautiful sunrise over our house~
And ended the day in our boat on the lake watching the sun set as well.
Lake living is sweet!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The GrandSons~

I LOVE when Savannah sends me photos of what the boys are up to!
BC graduated from PreK and just look at the little graduate~

 This is his last day of school photo~

While Savannah went in for post planning at school, we went out to keep the boys. Their backyard is fantastic and we played out there all morning~

I realized while we were there, it was Calla's gotcha day and just look at the difference love over the last 3 years has made~

She's such a precious soul, full of joy, and quite the exploding firecracker at times. She loves nothing more than playing with her best friend, BC~

It was Josh's birthday so the boys made the sweetest birthday cards~
LOVED this day SO much!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 20, 2019


Molly had a little girl surgery so after we dropped her at the vet, we took our allowance money to Walmart~
Everyone came home with a treasure with Legos being the #1 choice and they spent the whole day building, playing, and waiting to pick up Molly. She did great and was feeling better by the next day!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Mother's Day Weekend~

The weekend kicked off with these precious photos of Savannah attending BC's celebration at school~

On Sunday we all went to church and spent the day together~

They all came for the weekend after Mother's Day making ALL a mom could want... ALL her children home together~

We grilled and hung out at the pool~

SJ had a violin assessment too~

BC had to head home Sunday for his last soccer game and trophy~
Thank you all for a very special Mother's day two weekends in a row!!!

Butterfly Projects~

The kids love a good project and because BC was here, I made a Math Symmetry project where we traced half a butterfly and opened to watercol...