Friday, June 5, 2020

First Week of Summer School~

Monday morning five woke up in the tent at 5:30am, and I began to wonder what kind of day we would have...

They ate an early breakfast and played in their rooms for a while and when finally the two teenagers appeared, we all began our first day of Summer School~

For morning time we are reading from these two books~

This is our hymn and poem for June~

The next part of our day was Math, Explode the Code, Music Theory, and Grammar then they were all off to get ready for the day and practice their instruments. We took a few morning walks this week with our grand-dog Cabot~

Wildlives was a huge hit! We had actually read a picture about the first animal hero, Cher Ami, but they didn't mind hearing it again~

While they sketched and took notes, I read this favorite picture book and the first chapter of Seabird~

Here is Calla writing books again~

Tuesday we switched to Ocean unit and I read the next story in The Burgess Seashore Book which was about crabs so we read about crabs in all the books~

We especially loved hearing A House for Hermit Crab then we painted chalk pastel crabs~

Wednesday we read the next story in Wildlives about Simon, the warship cat in WW2~
 I had planned to read Sam, Bang, & Moonshine (which is one of my all-time favorite books ever!) and Holly remembered Papa Piccolo so we read it too!

They sketched cats from a youtube tutorial of gesture drawings~

Thursday was back to Burgess and the Stickleback fish so we watched a watercolor tutorial and painted our own version~

Our picture book was the wonderful Swimmy~

For Fun Friday, we did Lesson 1 from our Marine Biology unit and covered so many topics including the zones of the ocean~
 Otis and Will is another favorite book around here and went perfect since one of the zones is called Bathypelagic.

We all sketched and labeled the zones in our nature journals~
We finished the day out with our next Latin lesson which WE LOVE!!!!!!!!!

So we sketched in our Nature Lournals 3 times and created 2 pieces of ART which we laminated back to back for our Art Notebooks! It was a GREAT start to summer learning!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Holly's 6th Family Day~

Today we celebrated Holly's 6th Family Day with CFA and homemade Susan cookies!

We like to say Holly walked into our lives 'Holly'wood style. Just look at her outfit and sunglasses~

She and Evie were best friends from the very first day and sisters by the second~

It was wonderful to be in China with just the two of them so they could bond and we could become a new family~

Our trip was one of the best and we enjoyed all the outings and just look at those cute monograms!!!~

The miracle of this beautiful girl unfolds before our very eyes every single day~
She loves the color blue and eats everything in sight!
She loves to swim, bike, builds with legos, and copy books all day long.
She's this happy ALL the time and helps everyone!

What a miracle to be her mom and to witness all God has created her to be!!!
Love you HollyMei!!!

Friday, May 29, 2020

Learning this Week~

Once upon a time my mom taught 2nd grade and used this shelf.
Then it was given to me until I (retired) and I loved it.
Then my SIL used it until she (retired) this year too and offered it back to me!!!

I am SO happy to say it's back in our family and housing our school materials beautifully~
LOVE it SO much!!!!

Some days our work is not that spectacular but it is important and interesting like this ending notebooking project for our Ancient History study ~

 We remembered Breakfast Banana Splits which was the perfect thing before our last art project for Ancient History~

We painted Joseph with our chalk pastels~

This little one is either writing in her journal OR making books all day long~

We were excited to watch the Brave Writer Reveal of Arrows for the fall~

And we have a plan for Summer School~

A great week of learning!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Photos, Flowers, and Visits~

I was thrilled to receive out Shutterfly book filled with wedding photos~
Reliving this fairy tale day is daily occurrence now!

We cleared out another area for more tomato plants and on Calla's 4th Family Day, her Calla Lily finally bloomed~
Covered in blooms now!!!

I took some photos of my dad and brother's farm thinking they would be beautiful to watercolor~

It never fails... as soon as I pull my paints out, they do too!

It was time for the girls to get trims so I got up the courage and just cut~
 May not be perfect but who will know since they keep it in ponytails all the time!

There are days when we think we can't make it one more day stranded here at home with nowhere we can escape~
But then a big sister comes by and brightens even the most monotonous day!

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Happy 4th Family Day Calla~

Today was a day that will never be forgotten.

4 years ago we held her in our arms and kissed her precious face for the first time~

She adjusted to our family and was very content the first week, but the second was MORE than hard!
It was excruciating! She cried nonstop and there was no communication~ not even to the guide who could speak her language. She was shutting down and we just needed to GET HOME~

We would travel home with a very sick little girl, but OH the healing God has done in her life~
She's a smart and passionate little girl who wants to be heard and understood all the time!
She is very strong and healthy always up for a swim or bike ride with her siblings!
She loves to read all the stories and writes books all the time.
She loves with all her precious little heart, and I am SO thankful God chose us to be her family!

Happy Family Day sweet Calla Baby!!!

Friday, May 22, 2020

Family Moments~

We had our first 'SUMMER' day on the lake last Saturday, and the kids were thrilled to jump off the boat and swim around~

And LOOK at my little Windmill Palm the big girls and families gave me for Mother's Day. I love her and named her Myrtle~
 And here's our little garden of tomatoes, peppers, and green beans. We love tending it every day!

Lastly, we are so happy to welcome this precious little puppy to the grandboys' family~
Meet Lua, the mini Australian Shepherd. :)

Stinging Stories, Lighthouses, and Book Club~

School is for moms too! I have been taking a watercolor class from Jeanne Oliver called Close To Home: A Watercolor Landscape Journey. I absolutely love it and learning all the things~

I've said it before but bears saying again~ Just start working on something and watch them flock around to do it too~

Monday sweet little baby got stung on the finger while picking a flower for me and guess what she did before she went to bed that night?
Grabbed one of our favorite nature books and sketched it then wrote her story! That's real-life schooling!!!

She is ALWAYS making a book~

Tuesday was Poetry day so I made Pork and Pancakes for breakfast then we read another selection from Rudyard Kipling's poetry book and Just So Stories. We read How the Leopard got his Spots then sketched and watercolored~

Mimi brought her watercolors and painted with us... see her beautiful cat above ↑.

Everyone copied a small portion of the poem then created their cat~

I'm amazed to see the personalities of each one shine through their art~

Wednesday was History and Art Day. We learned about the famous Pharos Lighthouse in Ancient Egypt and found a chalk pastel to paint of a lighthouse~

We paired this lesson with one of our favorite picture books, Hello Lighthouse~

Again the beauty and personality that shines from them is amazing~

These IKEA bookshelves were sitting on shelves so Scott hung them on the wall for us. Now we have a 'little' library in the sunroom of the picture books we are presently enjoying~

Thursday we mixed Nature and Science by choosing our favorite nature books and watercolor books +
 Some of them chose their favorite encyclopedia to sketch from... My kids LOVE them!!!

We also pulled out book holders and drew while I read Karl, Get Out of the Garden~

Everyone got a new pencil case which holds all our color pencils and watercolor cases~

Everyone chose whatever they wanted to sketch~

Today we brought FUN FRIDAY back!!

The kids came in for breakfast and I asked if they would like to skip bookwork... you know what they said! I have 4 things in mind~

We always read our bible devotional and poetry book every day then I chose a math game from these books to play as a group~

This summer we are planning to choose writing projects from Brave Writer's Jot It Down and Partnership Writing to do each Friday,

but today we completed our Hero's Journey Project as a family~

I gave each of them their own copy and assigned them to work on it this weekend. They will share them on Tuesday and we are going to make a book of our stories!

We read picture books Jason Chin had illustrated because we watched the Illustrator Workshop from Read Aloud Revival~
 We loved the workshop and got lots of wonderful tips for sketching and watercoloring!!!

Book Club in full swing~

If there is one thing I wish all parents would hear me say loud and clear... WAIT until children are ready to read and it will be SO much easier!!! I'm working with 3 now and they are amazed at themselves. We picked up Little Bear this week and we are taking it one page at a time~
We watch a short story from the show and go to work on the words!

I write one word at a time on the whiteboard and reread when we get to the end of a sentence~
Pretty soon the whole page is written out and I make a copy of the page for them carry around and practice. When we finish a chapter, we will make their own book. They love it SO much!

I keep all our Book Club supplies in this big basket which they love 'playing' school with~
Finally, we have enjoyed our Brave Writer Arrow study book The Boy who Saved Baseball so we chose The Rookie to watch this afternoon as our Friday movie and ate skillet cookie for a treat!~
It's been a  GREAT week of learning and we're ready for the weekend!!!

First Week of Summer School~

Monday morning five woke up in the tent at 5:30am, and I began to wonder what kind of day we would have... They ate an early breakfast and...