Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Creative Conversations with the Creator Kit~

I want to share about a wonderful opportunity I experienced over the last week or so. 
I received a Creative Conversations with the Creator Kit from Sparrow Fund and worked through the guide. 
It was the sweetest experience to have precious orphans on my mind as my hands created art. 
The proceeds obviously cover the cost of the kit but excess goes to fund orphan care initiatives in China. 
It would be SO amazing if others would try it as well! 
You can go to the website and order your kit today! 
Love Sparrow Fund and Kelly Hetrick Raudenbush as they continue loving on the least of the these!

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Scott and I glanced into the sunroom today to see Calla sitting in a coffee table drawer~
We totally thought it was adorable and didn't say a word.
She pretty much gets to do whatever she wants around here...
glad its been pretty tame so far!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Lawn & Garden Shower~

Amelia & Logan were given a Lawn & Garden shower by Amelia's aunts and uncles:
Jan & Ray, Susan, and Larry & Jennifer~

It was given at the pavilion of their church and had lots of family there~

  Lots of wonderful gifts to get this marriage off to a great start~
It was SO fun watching them open everything~
We are on the big countdown!!! Two more showers, a bridesmaids' brunch, rehearsal dinner, and...
30 more days to be ready for the Wedding!!!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Week @ a Glance~

The last days of summer have included lots of golf cart rides and finding dragons in the clouds
along with helping dad drag big limbs through the yard for pickup~
 Awana is back in full swing and the girls are in Sparks this year.
This was the first time Calla ventured out of the carrier to take a pic with sweet Lily Hope~
 Ms. Jennifer gave the kids little Bibles to keep in their Awana bags so I snapped a photo.
When I looked back at it, Calla's face took my breath away...
It was the first genuine smile in a photo she had ever taken.
That is love shining from her soul through her eyes!

Today was Mid Autumn Moon Festival celebration in China so we celebrated too
with moon pies and an evening ride on the golf cart to watch the big Harvest Moon rise over our house~
It was fun especially since we had another half of our Friday Family Movie Night to enjoy
and always exciting when they get to stay up later... 9pm. :)
A good week and looking forward to the weekend!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Sabbath Week~

Lots of appts and visits were planned this week so instead of plowing through school,
we took a sabbath week to rest and focus.
Sunday morning was wonderful but as the day worn on, Calla became irritable until she fell asleep on me~
 This has been the pattern over the last couple of weeks... fever, irritability, and needing to be held constantly.

We took her for a dr appt Monday to get our pediatrician's opinion
and she sent us for updated blood work along with a battery of other tests~
 Most everyone had tooth money so we stopped by TRU for a treat.

Tuesday morning we were home and the older kids pulled out Monopoly.
Evie and Holly weren't invited for obvious reasons, so they made their own game to play~

Wednesday we had a scheduled 4 yr checkup for Calla,
and she had grown 2 lbs into the 2nd percentile; also got 4 shots~

Thursday we rode with Scott into Atlanta to love on BC all day~
 He was excited to know he got to come home with us for the night~
 It was quite the tag team event to keep him and Calla practicing their friendship!
They made progress!!!

Friday evening we enjoyed Family Movie Night by watching Because of Winn Dixie.
This is our read aloud for next week, and I thought it would be awesome to have the story in their mind as we read~

The weekend was low key with a little swimming and lots of baby playing~

We did hear back from Calla's blood work, and she will see the infectious disease specialist on Thursday.
There is a thought she might have some underlying infection maybe in the sternum needing surgery.
Not gonna lie... this causes some scary feelings in my heart
but know God is taking care of every detail!!!

Looking back, it wasn't much of a sabbath week but we did have lots of family time
and was reminded homeschooling really is the best life for our family!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

A Sweet Morning~

Our days have been a little out of sort with Calla not feeling well
but this morning was a lovely beginning~
She picked up her baby first thing and read to her so sweetly.
I loved seeing a little of the love we have been sowing into her heart shared with her baby.
Love Wins Again!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Family Birthday Party~

Happy birthday to daddy from the WHOLE crew~
It was so wonderful to have Ben Curtis, Savannah, and Josh home~
 He made is all happy!!!~
 It was the most beautiful day so we spent most of our time outside~
 Love that Rosie was home from school and our family was all together~
 Amelia and Logan dressed Cabot up for the first Ga game...
only 50 days until the wedding!!!~
 We grilled steaks again and added lots of sides, a DQ ice cream cake,
and everyone we love for dinner around our big outside farmhouse table~
 The sweetest day with grandlove Xs 2... and sweet baby Dove is growing~
Family and home are so very important, and we celebrated ALL that with our oldest, dearest 55 year old daddy!!!
We adore and love you beyond measure! XOXO

Friday, September 2, 2016

A Mystery~

Calla has run a mystery fever for a few days (no other symptoms)
so I ran her to the pediatrician for a battery of tests and blood work~

Her mouth has healed beautifully so don't think that is a factor at all.
The tests we ran sure ruled out a lot and blood work should tell us more on Tuesday.
Watching Barney and jingling her jingle bell necklace were great distractions unless needles were involved...
then it was momma's arms giving all this precious baby needed.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


The kids still love Awana each Wednesday night~
and this week Payne helped present colors for the Awana flag.
He was very proud to help Ms. Jennifer!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Happy 55th Birthday Scotty~

Today was Scott's birthday and we celebrated with steaks on the grill~
Brownies with ice cream!
CA LOVES a birthday party and blowing out the candles.
Big party to come on Saturday although WHEN is it not a big party around here?
Love you honey!!!