Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Celebrating Family and Holidays~

We always start each July celebrating our First beautiful daughter~

Josh went big getting it off and running with decorations, food, and we supplied the venue!

July 4, 1989 was one of the best days of our lives~

They were here for a few day, and we made the best of every moment~

Took tons and tons of photos~

Ate strawberry birthday cake, had a water balloon fight, played cornhole~

Enjoyed shooting sparklers~

And watching fireworks burst right over our head in the boat~
 The best day celebrating one of our favorite girls!!!

Sunday we found ourselves out on the lake again for Lake Church (something we made up all on our own)~

Savannah and BC took a trip to Boise to see Jessie, Peter, and Brooklyn and BC got to sit in the cockpit before takeoff~

Our friend Lisa was out of school so we met her for the day in Gwinnett~

More GRAND days~

Loved having our new friends come swim for the day~

Scott runs most every Sunday morning before church and this particular one, he took the little girls with him~

BC came for a few days while mom had school stuff to do. He didn't miss a beat jumping into school with us and helping with chores~

Just plain sweetness~

One of the grandest things of a lifetime is to witness your child giving their heart and life to Jesus and that's just what Evie did July 28! What a beautiful smile on a child of The King~

BC was back while mom started preplanning~

We also enjoyed having Max, Addie, and Slate to come swim with us~
Days of summer for them and BC are winding down.
Celebrating with popsicles!!!
See you next year July!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

July Learning~

Since July was the 50th anniversary of Appolo mission, we spent the month learning all about it~

We usually call the new school year beginning in July so we drew self portraits and made goals~

We have also begun Writing Workshop with Writing notebooks~

Nature is all around us and if there is a frog to hold, Evie will find it~

Remember EC's swollen hand??? Look nestled in the trees~ 😱A hornet's nest~

We couldn't let it stay there because it was so low and two children had been stung so our exterminators came to spray it... we all watched diligently~

More space fun with chalk pastel art~

After we THOUGHT the hornets were dead, Scott cut it down and we began observing it... then we saw one crawling out!!! YIKES! We ran to get a bin and placed inside for them to finish deceasing~

AND of course, we brought it in to sketch~

Aren't they magnificent?~

EK was out with Mimi and found this Hercules beetle in the parking lot~

We did a beetle drawing tutorial ~

EK wanted the hornet hive for the nature shelf so we found a beautiful container and put it inside~

More chalk pastel painting because we read a beautiful line in a poem: Waterfalls are rivers washing their hair~
SO beautiful~

The girls found a luna moth, ran in to get their sketching bags, sketched~
and released it back into nature!
A wonderful month of learning for sure!!!

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sweet Summer Days of June~

Time spent with our sweet Grands is the BEST time~

Father's Day was such a fun day spent with two dads we love SO much~
 Our dad is one of a kind... hard working and SOOO loving!!! Amazes me to tears when I see all he has said yes to (Look what Love can do!)

After a lunch with all the family, we took Max, Addie, and Slate out for a boat ride~

Sometime that afternoon Evie was stung by what we now know was a hornet...
 You'll see how we know for sure in a later post!

June was the time for May birthday people to get their well check up with Dr. White~
He was very impressed with them all and growing right up the charts!!!

Finally the longest day of the year, June 21st, arrived and we took a date day to Asheville~

We toured the city ducking into old bookstores and specialty shops then landed at a beautiful spot for dinner~
33 years together and still going strong!!!

We were out visiting Savannah and the boys and took all 7 for haircuts~

We were thrilled for Savannah and the boys to come and spend the night with us~

Right at the end of the month, we took the kids to Currahee Club for a Patriotic Pops concert featuring the Toccoa Symphony~

It was the most beautiful evening with a gorgeous sunset over the mountains!
Fairwell to June and hello July!!!

Friday, June 28, 2019

A Little Summer Learning~

We clearly love nature and journaling it so here we go...
We found a beautiful butterfly just lying on the ground for observation~

We enjoyed muffins and poetry for breakfast one morning~

Scott hung old maps in our sunroom for geography study~

 Sometimes we like to illustrate a Bible story we have read and write a summary~

Written summaries of books is one of go to writing activities too~

We love taking morning walks right after breakfast and on the way out we discovered a bird nest in our Crepe Myrtle~

On the way home, we checked the blueberry bushes and picked a bunch~

Then we sat out in our backyard and sketched something we saw on our walk~

Evie found this cicada on the ground, placed it carefully on the tree, and ran in to get her sketching things~

"How do we prepare a child, again, to use the aesthetic sense with which he appears to come provided? His education should furnish him with whole galleries of mental pictures, pictures by great artists old and new... in fact, every child should leave school with at least a couple hundred pictures by great masters hanging permanently in the halls of his imagination, to say nothing of great buildings, sculpture, beauty of form and colour in things he sees. Perhaps we might secure at least a hundred lovely landscapes too, - sunsets, cloudscapes, starlight nights. At any rate he should go forth well furnished because imagination has the property of magical expansion, the more it holds the more it will hold." (Charlotte Mason~ Vol. 6 p. 43)

THUS... all nature we take in, sketch, and make part of our souls. :) 

Celebrating Family and Holidays~

We always start each July celebrating our First beautiful daughter~ Josh went big getting it off and running with decorations, food, and...