Sunday, September 15, 2019

Read-Aloud, Nature, & Celebrations~

The beginning of September beckoned the kids to the ripened muscadine vines~
 They picked right off the vines and ate their fill.

With handfuls, they came home to sketch and me to watercolor~
 Never want to forget!

SJ loves to hang her Eno and read the afternoon away~

Because our Sissy and family live near Charleston, SC, we were Hurricane Dorian watchers right along with them and took the chance to learn all about them~
 and compared them to tornadoes~

We heard a big bang on one of our windows to find an injured cardinal. EK tried to save it but it didn't live so she's allowing it to decompose for biology study ~

With our Brave Writer Arrow unit, we learned about Concrete Prose and Poetry~

Our read-aloud selection for September is The Wild Robot by Peter Brown so while we listened, everyone drew their own~

We also learned about conjunctions being the glue in a sentence, so we practiced locating them with Glowing Glitter Glue~

In Science, we have been learning about Ecology and Biomes. We sketched the 4 spheres~

Each day we all have scripture to copy into their commonplace journals~
We have begun lighting a candle to remind us that scripture is the light to our path. 

CA loves to copy over my writing with rainbow markers~

We love reading wonderful books for the Mid Autumn Moon Festival~
 AND making mooncake muffins! Yum!!!

My friend Ashley gave us this moon cookie press so we enjoyed making sugar cookies~
We are also looking forward to making our Oreo Moon Phase cookies too!!!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

A Turtle and Cuteness~

EC has wanted a turtle to observe all summer long! Mr. Dusty drove up yesterday morning with a white bucket and surprised her~
 Three girls and their new pet for the day!!! One of the best nature days ever!

CA has practiced riding her bike over the past week with such determination~
 And the older kids have been right by her side! Go CA!!!

And just look at the cuteness in these photos~
Just as beautiful as her big sister Mill was when she wore this gorgeous gown!!!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Mid Autumn Moon Festival Party~

I was sitting here last weekend and realized Moon Festival was coming up so I texted my close China adoption friends to invite them for a party. We were SO happy to have everyone here for swimming~

We ordered Chinese takeout and gathered to eat together~

We stood on our pool steps and remembered the promises we all made in China to officials there that we would give our children a loving home, family, education, and Chinese cultural opportunities. It was SO sweet to share the Red Thread with these precious friends~
The harvest moon may have been covered by clouds but watching the kids connect and form friendships and parents visiting together was more wonderful! We look forward to the day we do it again!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Music & A Foundation~

SJ has had such a big growth spurt and passed her level 5 violin assessment, we had to buy her a new violin~
Now we have 2 in level 2, 1 in level 4, and 1 in level 6 taking violin from Practice Monkeys. Also, 6 are now taking piano!!! It is amazingly wonderful to hear the house so full of music!!!

Remember the dead tree removal and plans for an outside fireplace?
The men came this week to did and pour the footings!!! SO exciting!

Sunday, September 8, 2019

EC's Baptism~

EC made her decision to follow Jesus a long time ago and walked down publically at our church about a month ago. Today she followed Jesus in baptism~

Watching her go down in the water and out with this gigantic smile was priceless for me~

SO thankful for all the ones gathered around her in person~
AND in heart! You ALL are part of her story and we love you dearly!!! To God be ALL the glory!!!

Friday, September 6, 2019

A New Addition and A Celebration~

We had a casualty of my dryer and it couldn't be repaired so out with the old and in with the new! And the kids had a ball with the big boxes~

We were SO excited to surprise Aunt Susan with a little poetry birthday party~
 She even enjoyed a concert by everyone on their instrument!

Posting photos of the fun we have in the evenings on our golfcart~
And GO Dawgs!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Wedding Updates~

We are making plans and checking off our lists. We have a venue: Huitt Farms in Anderson, SC~

It was SO fun going to tour and imagining the DAY~

We also met with our wedding planner, Clellie Gibson~
So exciting to be off and running!!!

Monday, September 2, 2019

Grand Days~

We celebrated Scott's 58th birthday over Labor Day weekend with ALL the kids~
 We loved having the grandboys here with us!!! They are our favs!!!

Savannah sent me these photos of their day out on the lake~

Scott surprised BC at school for lunch (Papa selfies)~
He said it was the greatest thing ever to see the surprised look on BC's face when he saw him!!! I can't wait for my turn!!!!!

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Schooling in August~

SO much wonderfulness goes on between the walls of our home and I love sharing it all in this space. If school is not your thing, just skip these posts!

Writing workshop this year has been wonderful! They especially love their notebooks, hole punching, and finding the correct tab to file it in~
 We made a visual of things we love!

Geography is a fun Friday activity we are enjoying this year where we try to write in as many states on US map as we can~
 SJ beats us all every week!

We may have snatched a few pieces of furniture that belongs to Rosie from the garage for our sunroom~
Love how it feels in here now!

We started music lessons in January of this year with Practice Monkeys with one violin player. It has grown to 4 violinists and 5 pianists~
 I can not believe the progress they have made! We have theory and notespeller books we do with our morning work each day and they try to practice a little, then we have lessons Mon-Thurs.

Poetry Teatime is a favorite weekly rhythm around here, and we are enjoying Longfellow for time being~

We read the first poem, The Arrow and the Song, and decided to chalk pastel the tree~

Our new Science is quite wonderful too and lends itself to to our nature journals very well~

Because we don't have to buy new clothes and backpacks for back to school, we do like to add new learning tools. This year we ordered a new globe, and we let SJ open it since it was her birthday~

LOOK at my beautiful class this year!!!!!

EC is so excited to joing the Teaching Textbooks Math class online this year~

We love to take a walk after breakfast and see what we see. This particular morning we kept seeing tons of caterpillars on the road and wondered what they were and where they were coming from~
 We have big webs of caterpillars all in the trees so we went to observe. Sure enough... there they were. It was such a hot day, we went in for swimsuits and spent the rest of the morning in the pool... JUST BECAUSE we can!!!

I am also taking an intentional chance to teach these 5 with a specific reading curriculum suited for children who might have reading struggles. We haven't had anything identified but my teacher heart knows to teach for success not defeat. As you can see, they love it~

Our new decor in the sunroom definitely encourages quiet moments to read~

EK found an adorable tree frog all alone and needing attention, so she made him an elaborate habitat so we could sketch him for nature study~

And as always, they are free to sketch whatever their heart desires~
 And when EC&CA finished up early, they prepared everything for lunch!

We are officially Swanburne Academy Founder Members and received our certificate in the mail. We look forward to lots of wonderful adventures with Mary Rose Wood, the author of The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place series~ 

In history we are studying Early American history again so we started with Columbus and painted a chalk painting of his ship~

And poetry teatime led us to paint a stormy day as we were having one right outside our window~

We laminate them and place them in our art notebooks~

I think the most beautiful parts of our day is sitting together, collaborating, laughing, struggling, and helping each other get along with life~
 It's never lost on me!!! I see the miracle righ in front of me!!!

EC is following right in EK's footsteps when it comes to nature! One afternoon she came to me saying she found a giant spider under the trampoline. I asked her to describe it and it took me back to my little girl days. I remember seeing them and thinking they were amazing~
 Of course it turned into our nature study, chalk pastel painting, and nature walk!

It was such a beautiful morning, we drew right out on the breezeway~

In our history study we read that Pocahantus played with a corncob doll and EC expressed an interest to make one too. We asked Uncle Jason is we could pick corn from his field and came home to shuck the corn, soak the husks, and pick the kernals~

The next day, we took the shucks and following a tutorial made the most adorable cornhusk dolls~
They sit proudly on our nature shelves.

Learning in August was absolutely full learning much, loving lots, and living life to the fullest!!!

Read-Aloud, Nature, & Celebrations~

The beginning of September beckoned the kids to the ripened muscadine vines~  They picked right off the vines and ate their fill. With ...