Saturday, October 10, 2020

A Fall Break Week~

 The school system around us was on fall break this week so we decided to ease up a smidge doing our book work, Bible, and reading subject lessons. Monday we read history and more about Chinese workers on the railroad with this wonderful picture book~

Tuesday was epic because we started a new science book sent to us by sweet friends. The kids decided they wanted to study the section about animals... who would have guessed??? As we finished the first lesson, there was a suggested project to choose one of the unusual animals and research it.
I wrote the animals on pieces of paper and they chose one from a basket. There was so much laughter and excitement as they read their choice. They began researching right away!

A very sweet time was spent with Scottie and Mimi. Mimi painted with CA and styled my entry table for me~

Fall evenings are some of our favorites~

Every morning as we finished up book work and lessons, the kids were quickly on to their projects. They helped each other create a visually pleasing poster and encouraged as they worked. They also listened to each other practice~

A snake we found dead along the street one day when we took a walk~

I can't say it grand enough just how wonderful their posters turned out~
EK and SJ

Boys and Little Girls (EC and HM also made card pockets)

My Newest embroidery project~

Wednesday afternoon all the big kids came to visit with grandchildren in tow and we were all together for the time since the wedding in March. They all visited the pumpkin patch and brought us a beautiful pumpkin~

I LOVED the photos they took and let me post here on the blog~

We had backyard dinners with my brother and children and they even swam.... brrrrrrr!

Friday morning the kids were thrilled to present their projects for my mom, Addie, and Slate~
They presented their animals AND played their instruments for them. It was a wonderful way to end a wonderful week... just in time for the weekend!

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Date Night to Schooling to Family Time~

Scott and I love getting away for dinner once a week if we can, and we always bring the kids back a treat. This time we even surprised our big kids with Krispy Kreme doughnuts and got to love on sweet Scottie! I started a new embroidery Sunday morning and finished by that evening~

Monday started with a great lesson about The Pony Express and we notebooked about it~

Little Scottie came for a visit and Aunt Evie helped hold her~

Tuesday was Poetry and Pancakes Day~

AND Mid Autumn Moon Festival/Full Moon so we read all the moon things in our Science book~
Then we made our annual moon phase cookies!

We also did an author even with Read Aloud Revival and drew autumn things in our journals~

Wednesday we used the same book as an art project with Chalk Pastels with Nana~

Later we LOVED having Amy, Addie, and Slate down for a picnic lunch and playtime (our first since March)~
It was wonderful to be back together!!!

I LOVED taking these photos of Scottie and me ~

More Autumn Moon Festival Activities with books, mooncakes, and...


CA even made Chinese Lanterns for everyone and EC made potstickers for lunch~

Friday was a normal Friday with What We Know Writing~

Scottie is 2 months!!!! And SO precious to us!!!!

The greatest news was a text from my sister Friday morning that she and Rebecca were on their way to visit for the weekend~

We loved being together eating outside, playing cornhole, watching football, and roasting smores~

SO good to have our family together after SO long... 7 months to be exact. 😱

Friday, September 25, 2020

Falling into a New Season~ {Autumn}

Our week began as usual with history and a new read aloud, Prarie Lotus, which went right along with the subject of building the Transcontinental railroad, Many people helped including Chinese immigrants and we read a very moving story of their plight. We also enjoyed a tall tale about John Henry~

And notebooked about him~

We were thrilled to meet Nan and bring the boys to visit for a couple of days~

It was the first time to have all the grandchildren together and honestly felt so complete~

We baked, dressed up, and welcomed Fall together~

To FALL into the season, we read all the apple books, invited Scottie over, and...

Headed to the Apple Orchard~

2020 has certainly been a crazy year but some things just make it seem somewhat normal like walking through the orchard picking delcious apples~

The kids showed the Grands the ropes~

Molly was along for the adventure~

We LOVED that Mimi and Scottie came along with us too~

Our first photo with all the Grands~ 

Just look at their angelic faces~ {I can barely breathe just looking at them}

We took the boys back Wednesday and everyone spent the afternoon hanging in their hammock and giving Sadie a bath~

Yesterday I gave everyone a new notebook to write their life stories in and it was amazing to see the reaction. The author event last Friday gave me the idea because she told the story of her father giving her a notebook to write her stories in when she was a little girl. He told her to write about everyone in her family and she did. She has used many of her ideas to write the books she has published.
While driving this past week, I listened to a podcast of another person talking about writing her life stories for her children and grandchildren. It made me think I should give us all a chance to write if we choose. I wrote them a letter in the front and they all went straight away to write their first entry. They do not have to share it and I assured them, one day they will be thrilled to read their childhood stories... I sure do wish I had a notebook full of my stories. I'm working on it right along with them!!!

I finished my latest stitching project~

Today we enjoyed Pumpkin Pancakes & Poetry for breakfast~
Then we cleaned, did Latin & Vocabulary, and watched a movie. The Best Fun Friday for sure!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2020

A Week of Fun~

 Scott and I try to bring a surprise to the kids when we are able to sneak away for a date but this was SUPER special... a kite... something Calla had wished for a while~

Problem was... the wind wasn't blowing so we rode the golf cart and flew down the street. :)

Getting photos and taking photos of baby Scottie is one of my favorite things! I adore the one of she and Calla~ What JOY to be their mom and grandmom~

I've been stitching up a storm. Finished a couple and started a new one~

Someone asked if she could learn so we enjoyed a project together~

Lots of days I round the corner into the sunroom and find our table covered in what looks to be a mess but I remind myself, this is a child's work and I mustn't impose my neatness upon it~

The beautifulness of these photos aren't lost on me~
 Bigs spending time with littles on a Saturday painting and talking and loving each other.

Scott and I stole away for a little date and we stepped foot in Target for the first time in 2020~
While Nan and her family were camping on the lake. Aren't they the cutest family ever???!!!

A Fall Break Week~

 The school system around us was on fall break this week so we decided to ease up a smidge doing our book work, Bible, and reading subject l...