Saturday, May 28, 2016

Travel to Guangzhou and Medical Exam~

Calla took her first flight last night and did amazilngly well. It was only an hour but with arriving early and getting to hotel, it was trying for all three kiddos. Calla made the ride to the airport super fun~
First flight~

Today we had Calla's medical exam. She did very well considering the stress of it all. We went through all three stations and then she had her TB blood draw. That was traumatic but a lollipop from Elvin surely did the trick~
We had several moments like the one below but a little bumblebee fun turned that frown upside down~
WE stopped by a local supermarket for a few things we needed and experienced our MAJOR meltdown! I saw a very strong willed side of our girl. I stood outside in the rain while she screamed at the top of her lungs (everyone staring) but knew it was just too much in one day! We came back to the hotel and she immediately settled down.

We sure love our beautiful large room~
Everyone has lots of room to spread out and play! It will be a great place to spend the week and can't WAIT to head home to our sweet family!!! 

Friday, May 27, 2016

City Park and Travel~

Today we had a free day until we leave the hotel headed to Guangzhou. We hadn't taken a walk in the local park so made our way there. The sidewalks are completely torn up with all the construction going on. The lady you see with us walked up to me and walked beside shielding me with her umbrella from the sun. We were about to die from the heat! SO hot and humid but good to be outside~
We are staying at the Nanning Marriott hotel and the park is close by. Our guide told us the people love the park because no one really has yards here. The people come here to walk, play, exercise, and enjoy nature~
Evie spotted a duck to show EK as well as beautiful trees blooming~
Our favorite thing about China is watching the people sing, play traditional instruments, and dance. These people were enjoying their morning under this beautiful pagoda~

We were drenched when we returned to the hotel so the bitties had a bath party then we enjoyed Subway for lunch~
Our baby LOVES to eat and knows the word eat now too. Smiles SO big and gives me a hundred kisses when we bring out the food!!! Everyone is down for a nap now as I blog. We leave the hotel at 3, go by police station for Calla's passport, and flight to Guangzhou @ 7:30. Looking forward to spending the week with Elvin, our guide we've had two other trips as well. 

Always bitter sweet to leave the province of our child's home but so thankful to be this far on our journey and just that much closer to being home again with our family.

We have facetimed with our kids almost everyday and they are all doing great! Thankful to everyone home helping and loving!!! We will be together very soon!!! ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Guangxi Provincial Museum~

Today was another touring day. We had breakfast and lots of time to play in our room. CA is really doing well with attaching and bonding. We are seeing signs of grieving especially when sleep is involved but so expected and positive. She wore her adorable bloomers monogrammed by my friend Sheila~

Evie and Holly are being the BEST big sisters to Calla. Evie is taking it especially serious and picks her up anytime she needs to feel helpful. I think you can see how Calla feels about it~

We had a short drive to the museum so Calla enjoyed a lollipop and I enjoyed snapping a few face photos~

The tour of museum was interesting and a relaxing way to spend the morning with our three bitties. Glenn our guide has been especially kind to the girls. He told them all kinds of cool facts~

I know the four kids back home will love this huge dragon hanging from the ceiling! Calla finally gave it up and napped for over half of the tour!!!~

NO hating but we went by for McDonald's again and came back for a lunch picnic~
The perfect time to snap a few more adorable photos of our beautiful baby!!! Tomorrow we leave the lush, tropical city of Nanning to fly east to Guangzhou~ more of the same. And one week from then, we fly home! Glory to God for all the goodness He is lavishing on us with CallaAnne. We are SO in love!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Qing Xiu Mountain Park~

Today we had a touring day while we wait for Calla's passport to be ready. After breakfast we had some time to play in the room. We thought it would be a good day to teach Calla how to play with playdough. It was clear she had played with it before~

It is the sweetest thing how she pokes her face up toward mine so I will kiss her~

We left the hotel about 9:30 for Mountain Park where we walked around the most beautiful gardens~

The girls loved climbing on all the sculptures~
We also rode a tram part of the way and fed the fish~
Loved seeing all the locals there enjoying their day~

Also sweet to see a little girl bond with her Baba and what to say about Evie?~

We made it back to the hotel for lunch and a play bath before naptime~
NOW there are three bitties in the tub and I am SO thankful!!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

We Said YES~

It's been a very rough night for Scott. He was sick all night long but managed to get us down to breakfast and let me just say Calla can eat! She loved congee, scrambled eggs, dry cereal, and toast. Evie loved helping me feed her~
I am so amazed at our new girl!!! She has become one of the bitties with perfect cuteness!!!~

We facetimed our kids at home so they could see their sweet baby sister~

Then we met our guide to go back to Civil Affairs to Say YES to our new girl!!! She went right to her orphanage staff and it was sweet! She played with them a little while then held her hands up for me to take her. She knows I am her mama~

The officer at Civil Affairs interviewed us and finished up our paperwork. She was a delight and truely seemed thrilled we were adopting Calla~

Then it was gift time. Scott's sister and friends made over 20 little sundresses to give to girls in Calla's orphanage. The staff was overwhelmed with the gift. Thank you Jan!!! They will make a bunch of little girls feel beautiful!!! We were given a whole photo album of Calla's time at orphanage and the most treasured gift... A photo of her with her foster mom. Priceless!!! I will never let her forget!!!

Praise for God.. While we were in Civil Affairs, our new friends prayed over Scott and he was overcome with emotion because he felt the sickness go right out of him! The Holy Spirit!!! We stopped my McDonald's on the way home for takeout~

We had our first hotel {condo as Evie calls it} picnic and Calla loved it~
She is a chicken nugget and French fry fan now!!!
Calla loves bubbles and stickers~
It's been a super sweet time falling love and just SO thankful for every single blessing!!!!!

After a good nap, we took a walk and let the girls pick a prize at Walmart for being so awesome with everything they've dealt with~

We came back to paint toenails and color~
Yay for Tuesday!!! 

Monday, May 23, 2016

CallaAnne Day~

Today was a long day waiting for our baby love. We woke up super early because of jetlag and went down for our daily breakfast feast. 
Toast and coffee was about all I could handle but it was SO good! 

We spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon in the room. The girls played with all their toys and when everything was extinguished, I made a play bath complete with color tabs, water bottles, and stacking cups. 
We snacked through lunch and let the girls nap before we left for CallaAnne. 

Our guide picked us up about 2:20 and we left for civil affairs building. She was already there playing in the playroom and we could here her laughing. 

We sat down for paperwork~
And not long after she came walking out with three orphanage staff following telling her mama and baba. She walked right up to Scott, held out her arms, and allowed LOVE to take her in~

Then she came to me and one part of my heart mended right on the spot. The one had been gathered into her forever~
The orphanage said the foster family had talked about us and shown Calla our photo over and over so she knew us when she saw us. That is God!!!

We had to step into an office to promise to love and cherish her always and was reunited once again in the presence of the official~

She came right to me and it was so sweet~

We scooped her up for some photos~
And with the sweet orphanage staff who clearly adored her~
Then headed back to hotel to spend the afternoon getting to know each other. 

Things we know so far:
~She loves baths!

~She's funny and likes If I Was a Bumblebee game and her baba!

~ She loves being held!

~She loves her sippy cup and still take a bottle at night (I LOVE that!)!

~She is an awesome sleeper as long as she's right in the middle of us~
And where else would we want her to be!!! 
Happy CallaAnne Day love!
We are your forever and God has blessed us BIG!

Eccl 3:11 He makes Everything Beautoful in Hos time! 

Amen and amen!!!!!