Friday, January 17, 2020

Sweet Memories~

Our weather has been SO mild for this time of year and I LOVED seeing this sweet scene as CA lie in the grass just relaxing~

We were so happy to surprise Mr. Dusty with a birthday party~

Savannah sent me this photo of BC one morning before school~

And the girls all got haircuts at Ms. Erin's new salon~
Like I said... sweet memories!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Weather and A Trip to the Rainforest~

Monday was a soggy, rainy day so we pulled our storm books and made a weather book of clouds after doing a lesson on Mystery Science~
It has been fun since this lesson to identify the clouds each day!

The next day we read The Umbrella as well as these two~

Then we watched a tutorial to chalk paint tree frogs~

Another rabbit trail has been learning about the Amazon Rainforest~

You can see some of our favorite books pictured that inspired mapping South America AND creating out own layers of the rainforest~

I pulled out all the supplies, gave them a handout to guide the process, and let them go at it~

Their projects turned out beautiful~
And I'm pretty sure they will always remember the layers and the animals!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Gotcha Days for PC & EC~

PC came to us on January 7, 2013, and it truly was one of the best days of our lives~

He was the happiest, easiest, and most precious little boy~

It was a joy to have him a whole week just the three of us in his frigid province before it was time to go get his little sister~

The following Monday on January 14, we were handed the tiniest, petrified, and adorable little girl in the world~

She did not let me put her down for a whole week but began to bond with her new brother and then we were off for our third and final week in Guangzhou~
 They became best friends as we spent the week enjoying the sights, our gorgeous hotel, and becoming a family!

To celebrate them, we went to dinner at CFA~

And just look how much they have grown~
Adopting these two beautiful souls has been one of the greatest parts of our lives!!!!!

Friday, January 10, 2020

Art, Books. and Pie~

A new year and new learning! So exciting!!

We chose to use the FIAR Mini Unit for Pocket Full of Colors first reading it, then painting a fireworks chalk pastel~

They wrote their 2020 goals which were so interesting~

I'm sure SJ's goal is to draw more wolves as well as read everything there is about them~

One of the rabbit trails we pulled from the book was The Great Depression so we gathered more go along books and loved this one about Babe Ruth~

The other thing we are enjoying is the new Bravewriter Arrow for Pie~

We did another fun chalk pastel. This time just for fun just because we could~

They had watched The Mandalorian season over the holidays so I knew they would love this one~

we invited my mom down to help us bake a Coconut Cream Pie as a fun activity to go along with out read aloud Pie~

Everyone LOVED learning all the pie-making tips she shared~

LOTS of skills involved in cooking~

I think our favorite part was making the meringue and it turned out perfect~

Thank you Memommy for a wonderful time of baking, poetry teatime, and pie eating~
Just look at that perfect PIE!!!

Friday, January 3, 2020

Music and Such~

Calla is excited to start piano again and wanted a photo with her bird~

I LOVE hearing the house full of music each day when everyone has down time~
Everyone loved helping Rosie stuff wedding invites!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy 2020~

A big Happy New Year!
The boys got a Ninja course for Christmas so we got it hung for them to try~

A lot harder than it looked but still super fun~

And of course, we had our celebratory New Year meal~
Wishing everyone the best year ever!!!

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year's Eve~

Well, we schooled today and why wouldn't we gather around our table one more time this year/decade to learn one more thing...

We learned all about hibernating bears with Mystery Science~

 We played a very fun forging game then watched a drawing video and sketched grizzly bears~
We also read this very sweet book TWICE!!!
A GREAT end to a wonderful year of learning!

Saturday, December 28, 2019

A Fun Weekend~

It was the big day to take the boys fishing with their new rods~

Nothing was biting but that didn't hinder the fun in the least~

And of course, EK found a deer skeleton on the bank~

Later we grilled, watched football, and had a winter picnic~
The BEST weekend!!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas~

We always begin our Christmas morning with a photo on the stairs and around the corner, we go to see what Santa left~
They were NOT disappointed!!!
 Everyone opened gifts and enjoyed playing with all their gifts~

There were legos, science kits, ice cream carts, and lots of books~

Everyone spread out to build and play and cook~

We also make Santa pancakes YUM~

It was time for the scientist to try out her Kaboom kit. Isn't she adorable???!!!

And Calla to give and get a manicure from her daddy~

We kept Molly's brother, Tux for a week~

Lots of wonderful gifts~

Including rod and reels~

THEN the Grandboys arrived~

LOVED taking photos~

And opening presents~
 It was THE BEST day being together except sweet Hayden was sick and we missed him so much! Can't WAIT to share later what Scott and I got for Christmas but you will just have to!!! 😍

Merry Christmas!!!

Sweet Memories~

Our weather has been SO mild for this time of year and I LOVED seeing this sweet scene as CA lie in the grass just relaxing~ We were so ...