Friday, February 24, 2017

Marshall Lee Dove~

Not sure how Savannah's pregnancy flew by so quickly,
but Monday she went to the doctor for checkup and they sent her straight to the hospital~.
We jumped in our car and hurried to spend the night with BC~
 Josh left for the hospital while we got dinner ready then everyone to bed.
About 7:30 he texted me I had better head to the hospital and it's a good thing I did
because baby Marshall Lee Dove was born at 8:40pm.

I was grateful to be with Josh and Savannah as he was born... what a miracle!!!
Labor and delivery was extremely fast and Marshall arrived safe and sound~

He was immediately placed skin to skin with Savannah
and after an hour or so, taken to the newborn bed for weight (7lbs,13oz) and height (21in)~
 Josh and I followed him wherever they took him, and I took tons and tons of photos~
 He had the most wonderful cry and sounded just like Ben Curtis~
 Looks just like him too~
 I was SO happy they allowed ShayShay to hold him too~
 The next morning we were glad to see Amelia~
 Their first family photo and Rosie brought EK and SJ to visit~
 We ended up bringing BC home with us for the night~
 Then back out to welcome his baby brother home~
 Sweet Marshall... SO glad to be home~
 We brought BC home with us again for the rest of the week and he fits right in~
 Even during school~
 Savannah has kept us in photos and I can barely stand the sweetness~
 We LOVE having BC here with us~
And imagine the day when they are both here hanging with the crew!!!
Welcome to the family Marshall Lee Dove!
You are SO loved!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

9 Months Home~

Today Calla has been in our arms and forever chosen for 9 months.

She has come SO far, it is hard to imagine just how much.
So many changes.

Emotionally she has gone from:

Terrified of everything (especially our dog) to sprawling out on top of her.
Crying long hours at night to lying down with a kiss and falling asleep on her own.


Sick with undetermined fevers to no fever at all.
Rotten teeth and cavity in every single tooth to a mouth of healthy teeth.
Questionable heart concerns to once a year visits like her siblings.


Speaking Chinese and no communication at all with us (Extremely frustrating for her) to speaking 4-5 word sentences.
Communicating her needs and wants amazingly well.
Knows SO many vocabulary words, counts, knows some letters, can spell her name, and sings songs non stop.


Came with a hyper fear of falling so didn’t want her feet hovering above the ground (hated the swing and riding toys) and now she LOVES the swing and peddles her own trike.
She also loves steering the Barbie jeep and riding around our yard.
She runs, jumps on the trampoline, and follows her sibs everywhere they go.


I’ll let these little videos speak for me…

What brings a child so far?

Unconditional Love:
No child ever gets to choose the family they are born into.
They don’t get to choose whether to stay in the family… or be abandoned.
They also don’t get to choose adoption.
All that is decided for them.
A child should be given all the Unconditional Love they NEED in healing from the brokenness.

Sometimes what they need is opposite of what we want to give them…

Thrashing on the floor in a fit. They NEED us to pick them up and hold securely.
Spitting, slapping, and yelling. They NEED a smile, an affirmation, a Mama Loves You!
Crying for hours at night and no sleep. They NEED someone to sit with them, lie with them, or rock them.
Refusing to walk or begging to be held. They NEED to be held more than they walk even if they are ‘too old’ to be held.
Requiring the same monotonous routine day in and day out. They NEED their world to be predictable and secure. Cocoon PLEASE!

And she still has far to go.

In my experience until a child has been home as long as not, they don’t fully grasp the depth of family.

In the months and years to come, we will continue to:

Tell her story over and over to her.
Support all the struggles and offer distractions.
Continue building bonds and security.
Meet her in the hard and usher her into the beautiful.

Most of all we will continue leading her spiritually.

Jesus is her healer, not us.

Prayer is where her future lies, and we promise to love her straight to His feet.

Every Single Day!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Scott's Building Progress~

Scott has been renovating a lake house and here is the progress thus far~
What a transformation!!!!!


When Evie and Calla went for their eye appts, the dr recommended patching~
SJ is our patch maker expert so she whipped up these adorable patches for them.
LOVE this photo so much!!!

Friday, February 17, 2017

CallaAnne Photos~

Most of the time when I ask Calla if I may take her picture she says no~
But today she crossed those arms in a pose and let me shoot. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day~

It was a very sweet Valentine's Day for our crew~
 I got flowers and the kids opened lots of cards~
 We also made cupcakes and delivered to some of our favorite Valentines~
 AND look at my beautiful new cookware!!!~
Scott and the big girls gave me two of them for my birthday,
and I got the medium one for V's Day!
Perfect color too, right!?!?!
And LOVE my Valentine man!!!!!~
A Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Monday, February 13, 2017

New Glasses~

Evie and Calla were SO excited to get their new glasses~

Cutest little glasses girl ever!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

A New Biker~

Holly has been home 3 years and just today started peddling her bike~
Good job sweet girl... we are all SO proud of you!
Especially Evie!!!

Friday, February 10, 2017


The girls only get haircuts about once a year so when we go, it's a big deal~
 This was a really big deal because it was Calla's first time, and she was SO brave!
Evie and Holly encouraged her so well~
 They never wear their hair down so had to get a photo while I could~
Checking that off the big list!!!