Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Late Birthday Celebration~

Rosie turned 22 Sunday but she was in the middle of Rush so we celebrated a couple of days later~
 With Mexican, cupcakes, and a visit to her gorgeous college cottage~
This was my IG post on her birthday~
My three big girls call themselves The Originals 
and were one of the biggest reason seven siblings could have a family. 
We are celebrating our baby Original Rosie (beside EK). 
She is 22 today and I could share 22 amazing reasons we adore her but I'll share one.
She is the bridge between the two generations of our family. 
She's best friends with her older sisters and cheerleader to her younger ones. 
She's beauty, laughter, sweetness, truth, intelligence, loyalty, and love all rolled into one heart 
(just like her big sisters)! 
We love you Rose!!! 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Simple Sunday~

I am SO blessed with a husband that does ALL the grocery shopping
and does not bat an eye when I hand him a list with all the items needed for a whole week.
I posted our menu in the kitchen so I could refer to it throughout the week.
It has become the local handout and great reading has occurred because of it~
Also SJ is able to plan what SHE will be making next. :)
 How does allowing EK and SJ to meticulously paint Breyer horses benefit me?
Someone to help paint the 60 toenails that need attention when we are getting ready
for say... CHURCH! Win!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Push Pin Art~

Have you heard of Push Pin Art? 

SO simple. Basically grab any black line image or writing and staple to a piece of color paper (top and bottom). Poke holes along the lines and poof~ a cool piece of art that strengthened fine motor in the process!!! 

Enjoy everything from animals to letters and numbers to sight words. $1 store coloring books? Goldmine!!!! So get poking!!! 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Fun Friday and Free Write~

Our Free Writes for today~

If you want to learn more about Friday FreeWrite please go HERE.

For us, this is set time where our kids write down whatever their heart and brain wants... with NO attention to grammar, spelling, or style.
It is just about getting thoughts out of our brain.
EK and SJ are independent writers, boys are inventing spelling, and little girls are voicing and I'm their scribe.
It is ALL writing... after all, writing is the thoughts released, not the actual pencil to paper~

We made CupCake brownies to celebrate a great week!!!~

Wedding Dressup~

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Playful Pioneer Study Week 3~

I saw The Action Bible on IG and ordered it for the boys along with the Audible recording~
 And everyone has loved it!!!

Science continues to go very well and we learned about sound waves this week~

One of our chapters in Farmer Boy described planting potatoes~
 So we watched a YouTube video and sketched a potato page in our journals~

 And stamped a potato print on our pages too~

The Tin Peddler came calling to Almanzo's family and it reminded us of Caps for Sale too~
 Everyone copied a passage from the book and sketched the peddler's wagon~

Tuesday was Poetry and Popcorn (with a little Shakespeare thrown in)~

Another chapter in Farmer Boy was A Strange Dog so we read a poem called Animal Story~
 Then drew pets they wished they had along with written descriptions~

to play a guessing game!
 They loved it!!!

Little Girl ABC Study~ Letter C

The little girls continue to love their ABC study with wonderful literature!
This week we have worked on C: Cash and Coins~

 We read Caps for Sale, worked on sorting coins from the treasure box, and count $.50~

We read The Cow by Robert Louis Stevenson and made cow headbands~

They LOVED reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and 123~
 Their name trees turned out SO cute~

We also read Corduroy and learned to sew buttons~
EC sewed buttons ALL day long!!!

We read Give a Cat a Cupcake, made a cat, and worked on the at family~

Calla noticed a rainbow in her bible so she wanted to draw one~
Such a wonderful week and can't wait for D!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

August Birthdays: SJ is 10~

It is tradition around here to celebrate birthdays all weekend and week of the birthday
so we were thrilled to have a house full of family including these darling boys~

Love having Savannah and the boys here to celebrate~

We celebrated Rosie (22), SJ (10), and Max (9)~
 Presents and a melted DQ ice cream cake was SO fun~

SJ got a big loom since she has fallen in love with weaving as well as more Lego dragons (look above)~

I LOVED snapping these cute photos that show her personality to a T~
Always smiling and sweet, loves to joke and laugh, and very diligent!
Happy birthday beautiful SJ!!!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Favorite Tools & Tray Activities~

Three of our favorite tools are Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils,  X-ACTO pencil sharpener , and Bamboo Recipe Book Stand~
Click on links above
 EC & HM were learning tallies so I made a tray with dice which they rolled and tallied the number with straws~

Match our movable alphabet to the poster~

 Calla finally began following directions on her little workbook pages this week~
She wants to have work to do when the big kids are working
and now she really does it!!!
Baby steps!!!

Happy Days Around Here~

SJ and EC are SO happy to have pen pals and are exciting waiting for their return letters.
And those dress up girls~

It was time for our yearly cardiologist appt for these three smiling kids~
Everyone got a great report, and we will go back in a year!

CA has grown SO much since coming home.
She holds her baby just like a mommy, and it's pretty sweet~

We continue to do all our cleaning on Friday mornings.
The little girls organize their room the whole time~
And here are the boys dusting our living room.
Such a great feeling to have a clean house for the weekend!!!