Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sweet Moments~

Let's see~
1. Someone says she doesn't need a nap... {5pm sound asleep}
2. School and playing Spot It!
3. Evening Scooter Club
4. Golf lessons from daddy
5. Major nesting going on here... {Tile and grout scrubbing}

I also took a 30 min free photog class yesterday called The World's Greatest Photo Tip
and you can take it too...
If you missed this class, you have one more chance to register:
Thursday, April 24, at 9PM Eastern
And after watching just LOOK at the shots I got~





and Evie~
I was THRILLED and in LOVE with my camera again!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter 2014~

Easter is one of my favorite days of the whole year!
 I LOVE getting everyone up for their Easter baskets and getting all dressed up for church!
Our service @ NewSpring was amazing... 1495 people SAVED~ crossed over from death to life. 
{God is still God. God is still good. To God be the Glory!}

I also love the family time we share and it seems we grow a little bigger each year.
YES! We welcomed Ben Curtis to the fam this year~
{Just look at him and his little Easter basket!}

My very favorite part is getting a new family photo~
{Looking at our precious baby}

Our Originals make life SO amazing and having them all home was the BEST~

Later in the afternoon we had a little egg hunt in the front yard~
Is there anything more fun to do with your cousins?
More egg hunt~
Probably the BEST thing for the kids of the day was~
Opening our pool!!!
Happy Easter everyone!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Baby Girls~

When we were waiting for Evie, lots of people said she looked like me~
Today several people said the same about Holly so I made a collage to compare. 
Amazing isn't it?
Only God could orchestrate the resemblances. 
Thankful I get to be their mommy and 7 others as well!!! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

A GOOD Friday for sure~

As we sat together this morning reading the story of Christ's crucifiction, I received an email from all the way around the world.
We had sent a care package to HollyMei the beginning of this week because she will turn 4 on May 1st.
I didn't expect to hear back so soon but there is a holiday coming so they went ahead and celebrated with her.
Just look at the beautiful nannies getting it all ready~
We sent her a package as well with 3 photos of us and two books.
We were able to ask 10 questions about her and learned she is very attached to her nanny~
Can you even believe the size of her cake?~
Sure hope all her friends enjoyed it!!!
One of the most important things we wanted was updated measurements.
As I began to translate out of metric system, 
I found out she is exactly the same height, weight, foot size, and chest size as Evie.
All the clothes I have for her will fit perfectly!!!
All day long Evie has said...
"Show me my Holly, mama!"
Well here she is giving us the victory sign and seriously making me love her ALL the more!

Earlier this week we were Cabled.
These new photos come just one day after our Article 5 was dropped off and will be picked up in two weeks.
At that point we will be on the final step of Travel Approval and Consulate Appt date then we can book our flights!
We plan to travel around the second week in June.
Not long now sweet HollyMei.
Seeing your sweet face made for 
A Good Friday for sure!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Boys, Boys, Boys~

The boys have a little bit of a hard time lately with boo boos~
Tough and brave!

AND tomorrow is the big day to see THIS baby BOY~
We CAN NOT wait!!!
BOYS... not a dull moment!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

I800 Approval~

We are getting closer and closer to our sweet HollyMei.
Waiting for our cable letter and then Article 5 can be dropped off.
Travel probably in June.
SO excited!!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Payne's Boo Boo~

Things aren't always happy at our house especially when someone gets a big boo boo.
Payne slipped last night and cut his brow~
Sending us to the ER but he was SUPER brave and only required glue and steri strips.
He also had a SUPER sweet sister with him!
Thankful he did so well and has had a pretty good day today.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Two New Bracelet Sets to Share~

I would like to share two new bracelet sets~

$25 each.

Just go to side bar and click Buy Now button for Beautiful Bead Bracelets Set of 3.
All sets are still available!!!
In the instructions to seller via Paypal window, specify the set you wish to choose.
Thank you SO much for helping us bring sweet HollyMei home!