Monday, August 10, 2015

A Glimpse into our Days~ {Rhythms and Routines}

I just read the best quote today from Sarah @ Amongst Lovely Things...
Socrates said, "Better to do a little well than a great deal badly."
That has been my prayer this past week.

I have seen a few signs that a couple of things weren't working anymore
so what to do but put them aside.
{Tears being the deciding factor}

I wanted to share the flow of our day and how things are falling into place.

7:00 Wake, make bed, and play or come down and start checklist
{I havebeen schooling the Ks before everyone else is up since they are early birds}

8:00 Everyone down to the kitchen for breakfast after making beds

8:45 Get dressed and brush teeth

9:00 Begin school with Bible and Scripture Memorization
*MOST important thing we do because our goal for HS is discipleship... 
Growing Whole Hearts for my family!!! Even ME!!!

Everyone moves to table spots for Morning Work:
Spelling, Handwriting, Explode the Code, Math, Journals~
Independent but I am close to help!
 {I am usually on the floor or sofa reading or writing with couples of kids}

10:00 Book Break: Move to the floor or sofa for read aloud:
BFIAR, FIAR, Science, or Geography. 

Example Routine:
Day 1: Read BFIAR or FIAR with everyone and activity, Science with everyone
Day 2: Read BFIAR or FIAR with Everyone and activity, BF Geography with everyone
Day 3: Repeat Day 1
Day 4: Repeat Day 2
Day 5: Mystery of History, Beautiful Feet: Character Study

11:00 Writing Time: Brave Writer with Big girls and the other four are working             on center work {Since they have already written in their journals}

11:45 Chapter Book Read Aloud

12:00 Lunch: Listen to book on CD or Audible
12:30 Chores
1:00  Room Time or Rest
3:00 Snack and Outside until dinner
5:30 Dinner and back outside
8:00 Baths and Reading
8:30-9 Bedtime

My children thrive in a routine and honestly I do too~
The best being all the time they get to be outside just being little kids!!!

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  1. Love the schedule and routine!!! Listening to the master class at read aloud and it is soooo good. I'll share with you tomorrow. It's exactly what your doing doing less well.