Monday, February 2, 2015

Family Party for Evie~ {Yo Ho Matey}

The theme in Evie and Holly's class @ NewSpring Church has been pirates
and you might remember one Sunday Evie cried and cried because she wanted to meet the pirate in the video~
So when I asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted...
you guessed it~
A Pirate Party!!!

It is tradition that we celebrate birthdays with family so this was the day.
We made lasagna, salad, and bread and invited everyone over.

After church Evie asked me if she could dress up in WP's costume~
Couldn't find the patch so we made one 
which she placed on top of her head thus the red patch on her head.

She picked out her cake at Publix and
{I forgot candles so she blew out one}
She didn't care and the party was wonderful because of all the love in our house!

 Sweet Ben Curtis was in everyone's arms~

 I knew Holly would not understand Evie getting to open presents without her
since her only experience has been with Christmas.
I talked with Evie about it and tried her best to include her in opening.
It went pretty well~
 Lots of Love~
All in all the party was a huge success 
especially to Evie which is all that mattered!
Tomorrow is the REAL birthday day...
Evie and I both turn 5... mine just has a 0 at the end. :)


  1. The love shines through! Happy birthday to you both!

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful Mama and daughter! xo

  3. Happy Birthday to you both! Beautiful!

  4. Happy birthday to Evie and her mommy! I can't imagine a better way to spend your 50's than in a house full of children and love!

  5. Happy Birthday Shae and Evie!!!!


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