Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Groundhog Day~

Today was an exciting one as we pulled out a couple of favorite books
and checked the internet to see how Punxsutawney Phil fared this am~
 We took a little poll before checking and everyone HOPED he didn't see his shadow
although they still would like a little bit of snow.
We did a little fact finding about groundhogs
{Wild Kratts}
and took some outside time to explore shadows~
 Shadow Tag
 Comparing Shadows
I had planned to measure shadows throughout the day 
so they could see how the position of the sun affects their shadow
but it became cloudy and didn't get to do it.

 SO fun that our chapter in Mr. Popper's Penguins was called Shadow~
 I have been reading 2-3 chapters to them each day
and then relisten to those chapters again when we sit for a meal or snack.
It has proved to be a worthwhile activity and helps the little ones
understand better what it happening.

Next we found a cute art project of painting hands and foot to make a groundhog~
 Printed a poem and glued in our journals.
We made sugar cookie groundhogs and used purple icing to decorate
{I didn't pay attention when buying it I guess}~ 
We decided Valentine groundhogs was perfect
and they definitely tasted great because they ate them all up!!!

No matter how long the winter, 
spring is sure to follow.
~English Proverb

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