Sunday, February 1, 2015

The BEST Birthday~ {Surprise}

I have never been surprised on my birthday 
mainly because I don't like surprises.
{I've actually been known to open Christmas presents and rewrap}
BUT Friday night was a whole different story
and in hindsight, I can't believe they pulled it off.

Amelia and Rosemary came home from school early afternoon
which was highly unusual
and Scott came up for lunch to say he had the girls lined up to keep the littles 
so we could go out for my birthday!

I got ready and noticed the big girls sure were dressing the littles nicer than normal
for their outing for Mexican but I didn't say a word.

Amelia mentioned they would probably leave for dinner before us 
so the bitty girls wouldn't get upset about us being gone.

Okay, that all went off without a hitch...
I even took a photo of them driving out of the yard~
and IGed... 
We are off for a birthday date night and there go 8 of our children to dinner on their own.
haha... the joke was on me
because they were actually on their way to meet Josh, Savannah, and Ben Curtis
@ Currahee Club to wait for us to arrive!!!

Scott poked around and acted like he had an emergency call for work.
I was getting worried the kids would be back before we left and upset the bitties
so we finally left.

Headed to the interstate, we took a left and I asked where we were going.
He told me and I said, "That won't be a very long date."
{Feel about that now :}

Anyway... we made it, walked in
and because I had switched my camera to a different way to focus,
the first photos were a little blurry

They show my surprise, my children gathering around me,
and my breakdown to be EXACTLY where I would want to be for my birthday~
 We enjoyed the most delicious dinner and time celebrating both me and Evie~
 Couldn't have imagined a better night and SO thankful they pulled off the BEST surprise ever~
Thank you honey!!!
I adore and love you forever and ever!!!
Tuesday is both my 50th and Evie's 5th birthday.
Could NOT be more blessed!!!


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