Sunday, June 11, 2017

A Week in Review {Big God story!}~

The boys had been begging for haircuts and I finally obliged~

Ella has two new nature finds: a nest of 6 Carolina Wrens and a turtle she named Cosmo~

Along about Tuesday, I knew little bit must be sick because she willfully fell asleep on the sofa (she never takes naps!) so on Friday we headed to the dr.
She and Ella both had sinus infections with a little pink eye thrown in for good measure~

NOW for the GOD Story!

After the dr we ran by the library to pick up the books they'd reserved and then to lunch. I had considered going to On the Border or Chili's but the kids insisted on CFA because they love the hostess Ms. Debbie! It's also their favorite 'outside' lunch food!

We were eating lunch and the manager Chris Holcombe came over to say hello to to the kids. When we left, he was out taking orders and helped us cross through the traffic to our truck. I clicked my automatic back door and it locked 2/3s up and would NOT budge! I didn't know what to do! There I sat in a truck with 7 kids, no way to close my back door, and about an hour from home.

The manager said, "I know some people so let me make some calls." In the meantime I contacted Onstar and all they wanted to do is send a tow truck. Can you imagine me with 7 kids and a tow truck? Hilarious and I said no! I didn't think that was helping. I needed a service guy from Chevrolet to help me!

Well guess who Chris knew? All the guys at the Chevrolet place and made arrangements for me to bring my truck there. Remember the back door is almost in the highest position. Chris offered to drive us to the dealership if Scott agreed so that's what he did. He drove us (with the door up) and when we got there, he PRAYED over us and stepped in to talk to service. 6 men came out to examine the problem. They were able to get the door closed, locate a part, and send us on the way.

We took Chris back to CFA and he walked away like it was nothing but we all knew it was completely God's provision. Lots of people on IG and FB have said it is {Typical} for CFA BUT I say... it was NOT Typical for me. It was beyond their responsibility but when I expressed this, Chris said, "From the moment you drive into our parking lot to the time you pull out, we are here to serve you in whatever capacity that calls for. It has been both my joy and pleasure to serve you today."

For a mom just trying to feed her kids and drive away safely, there is NO other place I would rather have been! SO a HUGE thank you to CFA Mall of Georgia, Buford for making us feel like we were the only concern that day even though they were in the middle of delivering 750 lunches to the WinShape camp too!!! I will never forget this man who made my children feel so important and bowed his head over them showing WHO delivers us through our troubles every single day!!!

Meet Chris Holcombe~

Saturday kids with a whole day of outside ahead of them~

Amelia & Logan are at the beach this week so Ella is babysitting Cabot, which she LOVES~
For many reasons~

Sunday Savannah, Josh, and the boys came for the day to celebrate an early Father's Day~
 I'm amazed how fast they are growing! Marshall will be 4 months very soon! We spent the day by the pool, and they brought steaks for lunch!~
 We threw in some homemade ice cream and the kids said it was the BEST day~
 I couldn't agree more!!!
AND it is such a blessing to have a mama and daddy with a garden~
AND a little helper in the kitchen... Fresh beans for dinner was perfect!!!!!

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  1. So so neat!!!!! You've had a lot of adventures while I've been in China. Lol love seeing pics of your sweet family


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