Friday, June 9, 2017

Fairy Tale Study~

I found a story podcast for the kids to have another kind of reading experience...
and it has spurred a fairy tale fascination!
Our first story was Rapunzel and then we watched Tangled~
They all sketched while watching~
and then we wrote story narrations~

I laminated them for their Art Notebooks~

We read several versions of the story and were able to compare all the story details~
While we were outside have a story picnic, Ella found this cute caterpillar which they all passed around the whole time~

Have you heard of Flip Up Fairy Tales? We have about 15 of them in our collection.
Most of them have CD recordings and this week I have been recording the ones that don't.
It has been so fun to see how excited they are to hear my voice on the CD~
I record on my iPhone using the Voice Record app then email recording to myself.
I add it to my iTunes account then burn to a CD... easy peasy!!!
Listening to stories on CD is one of the best ways new readers can practice with support!!!
Guess who loves it the most??? Calla!!!
We are planning to visit several fairy tales over the next weeks!!!

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