Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Happy BD Party for Holly and Payne~

Our children look SO forward to their big family BD party.
Holly and Payne surely were!
 Especially Holly since she had witnessed them but never had her own at home.
This was her first and we were all so excited for her!
I ordered a plain white cake from Publix, added their favorite toys, sprinkles, and candles~
Everyone enjoyed cake and our first homemade ice cream!
 The kids had hula hoops, jump ropes, chalk, and bikes to play with~
 Opening presents was a highlight for sure... Payne loved all his legos and Holly her Sophia toys~
 We had them close their eyes so we could give them both new bikes.
Payne LOVED his and I'm sure Holly will too in time~
A big huge thank you to all our family for being here to celebrate
7 years for Payne and 5 for Holly!!!
A super Happy Birthday for our two kiddos!


  1. Happy birthdays to your sweeties!!!!! Love family parties!!!!! And BC looks like a big boy

  2. Brithday Blessings! What a FUN afternoon!!


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