Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Graduation Girl~ {Amelia}

Today we drove to Amelia's little mountain college town for graduation.
Scott and I along with Savannah, Rosemary, and Susan went up leaving the littles home with my mom.
We met up with Amelia and Logan for lunch and enjoyed taking photos~
 How can we be graduating our second child from college?
 Such a fun day hanging out with our beautiful big girls, Logan, and Susan~
 Amelia, we are amazed at your giftedness and accomplishments but mostly your character... 
we couldn't love you more~
 Seeing Amelia walk was such a great blessing and BC was absolutely perfect~

Amelia was surrounded by profs and friends that love her~
 And family~
 Phi Mu sisters and roommates~
 North Georgia has been good to two of our girls and we are SO very thankful!!!
Amelia is home until July when she will leave for 6 weeks to study abroad in Italy.
I think I will leave it at that... more than my heart is ready for.
Love you Mill and so very proud of you!!!

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  1. Congrats!! & Italy oh my goodness what an experience that will be !! I will add that to my prayer list you & her.....


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