Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Learning Areas Around the House~

Learning happens all day all around our house and making them assessable is key.
I also love a tidy house so modeling organization and keeping areas neat is important too.
{Everything has a home so put it back where it lives.}

Here are the areas set up around now with new ones to be changed out at any time.

Reading Basket: Houses our main read alouds and can be used anytime
New DVD Player: Gift from memommy for watching storybooks on DVD
Learning Materials: Caddies of work, Tag books, Stories on tape

Math, Puzzles, and Games: In family room cabinet
Playdough, Kinetic Sand, Salt boxes: Messy is kept in kitchen cabinet
Art Drawers: Dot painters, Smelly markers, paper, paper punches

Center Baskets: One for boys and one for boys
Library Shelves: All of children's books and scrapbooks in one place
School Closet: Everything else we have for learning is kept here

The FAV: IPads, IPods, and OSMO {ALL which have strict time limits}

That's a wrap and hope it helps.
Would love to know areas you have set up around your house...
please share!

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