Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sweet Moments from our Weekend~

Friday was exciting because we moved Rosie back home from college
{How can that be? First year almost in the books with only finals to go}
and she was immediately beckoned to lots and lots of book listening and reading~
These two were trying to make Holly some glasses from paper
and it dawned on me I still had Rosie's glasses from when she was tiny
so I popped the lens out... Holly has worn them for two days now~ :)
 On Saturday afternoon, LOOK who was walking around our house exploring~
 YES! BC and we loved having them all here for the night~
 Papa and BC... twins~
 After grilling dinner, we all took a boat ride~
 Today was church, pool, and more boating~
And even though Amelia wasn't home, 
she was here in heart and just look how beautiful she was going to her last Phi Mu formal~
{she graduates this summer after studying abroad... how can that be?}
LOVE you Mill and can't wait to have you home too!!!

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  1. Fun weekend!!!! Can't believe BC is walking so sweet. They all grow way to fast. Want to freeze time.


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