Tuesday, April 28, 2015

More Bird Books~

I reserved another stack of bird books and Savannah picked them up at the library for us~
 Literacy going on naturally around our house:
Payne copying words off the dishwasher like the repair man just did.
SJ dressing and bringing her owl friend, Swoops, for mystery reader (all her idea).
 Everyone sculpting with playdoh while listening during read aloud.

Our bible time books are amazing...
I heard about Read Aloud Bible Stories from a podcast on Read Aloud Revival #22~
 We have also been watching Caldecott stories via DVD and LOVE them!
We have also spent much time outside soaking up God and nature~
Kids don't need many toys to play, of any particular one. 
What they need most of all is unstructured time.
 (Simplicity Parenting)

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