Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Ben Curtis Weekend~

Thursday we went out to get BC for a few days and they have been THE best!
Maybe I took way too many photos but these are only a few of them~
 He could not be loved more by any of us~
 Made himself right at home and played his heart out~
 His face is pure sunshine and JOY~
 Two of my FAVS~
 Crusin' furniture and being so big~
 Taught himself to go off the step into the sunroom~
I read a great blog post this week HERE 
and my favorite quote summed up the last few days perfectly~

"This is where tiny humans turn into real people who grow up to love you and leave you 
and then bring their own people into your little circle of family."
~ Lisa-Jo Baker

Thank you Josh and Savannah for giving us the joy of loving on your little person!

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