Friday, March 13, 2015

5 Habits to Foster Learning to Read~

So far we have 2 out of the 6 kids at home reading on their own and when I say that I mean able to read to themselves whenever they want for enjoyment.

I believe there are 5 habits that foster learning to read and we are still very much in the LEARNING phase for most of them.

1. Reading as much as possible to all, couples, and individuals:
I would call my homeschooling style to be eclectic in that I pick and choose from various sources for our curriculum choices as well as implementing my own ideas. 

All that to say I believe READING to the kids as much as possible is so important. We read the Bible, BFIAR book, FIAR book, chapter book, Living book with history, nature books, animal books, as well as any favorite book they might pick up from a stack around the house. 

Having books spread around the house in baskets, on shelves, and in rooms is key in loving books/reading. I also read little emergent readers with them as well. 

2. Listening to books on tape/CD/audio: 
I have a pretty big stash of books on audio from my teaching days and they are used often. Again the key is to have them out in a basket so they seen. I have also found listening to the audio version of a chapter book via Audible after we read each day really helps the kids comprehend the text better. 

Don't forget about borrowing audio books from the library as well. Such a great habit to enjoy especially in the car or on walks. We even love this when lying out under a tree on a big blanket.

3. Playing Reading Games on the Computer or IPad:
The best hands down program we use is Reading Eggs. It requires a fee for each child using it but our children love it and are very motivated to move through the levels. It quizzes their knowledge every so often sending me an email with their progress. 

As seen in the photo at top of post, many of them can be found standing around watching another play. They are learning even in that moment as well.

If you search for me on Pinterest, you can find a ton of IPad games we love as well under my Technology tab.

4. Watching Letter Factory:
Every single one of the kids have loved The Letter Factory as well as the many videos made by Leap Frog. The videos are sequential and skills build on themselves as videos are watched. I bought my videos in a set HERE

5. Explode the Code~
I have talked often about this great resource. All 6 kids are working through the books at their level. I buy the books once, put pages in sheet protectors, and use dry erase markers to complete. Saving trees and money!

Would love to hear about your favorite resources!!! 


  1. My wise friend. We love reading too!!!! Our fav!!!!

  2. I just wrote a post about reading early this morning! Plan to post it later this week....but first I had to post that we are DTC!! We love reading too. Making strong readers is one of our two main goals as we school our children. Thanks for reminding me about The Letter Factory DVD's - we have those and I need to pull them back out!


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