Sunday, August 17, 2014

Simple Sunday~

Having a week of sick kids made for a super Simple Sunday.
EK and SJ went to church with Amelia and Logan~
and while the kids were playing in the yard, Scott and I had church via my phone right out there with them!
We ate the last 4 of our meals outside on these tables~
Today was the Holly's first time ever on the swing and she was terrified~
 I stepped back just a second to snap her photo~
 but most of the time my arm was wrapped around her and she let that beautiful smile shine~
There was lots of riding and running~
 EK helping our neighbor Margaret walk her dogs!
Everyone was hot and sweaty so we took an after dinner swim~
and no judging...
deemed this our chlorine bath time!!!
Super sweet Simple Sunday!

{Tomorrow we might have a post of all Rosie has been up to this week!!!}
I will share that she and Abby had their photo taken with Coach Mark Richt tonight~
She begins classes tomorrow and can't wait to hear all about it!!!


  1. Avery is still terrified of the swing two!

  2. oops meant too! Glad you were able to stay home and take it easy!


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