Saturday, August 16, 2014

I Spoke Too Soon~

Remember me mentioning how we tend to get sick after closing on Fridays?
Ummm it happened again yesterday afternoon.
Holly went down for her nap about 1:15 and was still sleeping @ 4:30.
When I woke her, she was pretty hot and I was thinking strep like WP.
 Our ped urged us to go to CHOA since we had so many unknowns with her special need 
and that's exactly what we did arriving @ 8pm~
 It is quite the experience to be in the ER of a children's hospital on a Friday night!
You see it all and seriously count your blessings to be holding the ones with you.
We were taken back, IV inserted, and the wait began.
The nurses were SO awesome and loaded us up with bubbles and stickers~ 
 They ran a strep, UTI, and blood tests then whisked HM off in a wheelchair for CT scan and X-ray~
 Everyone commented how trusting and calm she was through it all 
even though she couldn't understand anything we were doing.
Big balloons were delivered for a good job done and it was starting to look like a circus!

All tests came back negative and we were able to see a neurosurgeon about one big concern... a shunt malfunction.
We were very thankful to hear everything was working perfectly and these two pretty much slept through the commotion~ 
 Even though it was two hours to the hospital and we had to sit in the waiting room with all kinds of trauma around us, then back to a room where we waited and waited and waited for info...
we didn't find anything making Holly feel bad but the trip was not wasted...
we gained SO much info about her need and her attachment to us grew through the whole thing as well.

We were finally released after 2 and made it home close to 4 this morning.
We are home and SO thankful to be watching her closely here.
We are scheduled to see the neurosurgeon on Tuesday and lots of tests done last night are now complete before we go!!!

Not the way we would choose to spend our Friday evening but thankful for the amazing care we received @ CHOA!!!
We are thankful for Aunt Susan too as she had the other four over for a sleepover!!!
Such a blessing to know they were safe and happy!

Today outside time was just what the dr ordered~
Everyone enjoyed the cool water and warm sunshine!
Hoping we are all on the mend and next week will be a calmer one.


  1. Oh my goodness- what a buy night you had! Thankfully everything was okay- praise God! You did the right thing- you can't take chances and ya never know until you get it ALL checked out! YES- praying for a very quiet week for you all!

  2. okay... that's busy not buy ;-)
    I'm not a good typer!

  3. Bless your fun :( praying for a calm, quiet week ahead! Glad you could enjoy the warm sunshine poolside.

  4. Love How her and EvieClaire do everything together! What a bond!


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