Monday, August 18, 2014

More Story of Ping~ {FIAR}

We missed a whole week of school due to sickness 
{although learning truly never stops}
but so far no one else has gone down! 
SO... this week we are continuing our row of The Story of Ping
and today we watched it on the computer~
The least fav subject for the big girls is math so I chose that as our focus for today.
Really want to show them math is fun!
We read the pages in the story with family information and discussed how we could 'show' the information.
Above you see a chart we made on our white board then pulled out math manipulatives...
First was unifix cubes that we placed on signs made with family members listed~
 Everyone worked on a number they could manage from bitties to boys to girls.
Once one to one was matched I had them snap so we could compare using lots of math vocabulary.
The cubes were an easy way to create a bar graph and talk about it.
Our next manipulative was links and followed same procedure...
matched to our sign then linked them to compare~
 Then our very favorite thing was using the balance scale.
I had EK&SJ place all their cubes on one side then each of the others added their's to other side...
lots of observations were made without my input at all~
Sometimes the best learning occurs when a foundation has been laid and free exploration is given~
Placed all the learning materials at their table today during rest
and look forward to watching/hearing what they discover!
Math might just be fun after all. :)



  1. I love each of your post and so wish I could do this!! Your learning technique is second to NONE! Do they transition from one lesson to another easily? Meaning do they "not want to move on to another lesson" because the one at hand is so much fun? How do you keep their attention? They seem so attentive in all your post. No wondering about total attention!! That only proves you are a GREAT TEACHER!!!

  2. Mom your hand writting is very nice :). You and your family are nice ppl - good heart and love children :).


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