Sunday, August 10, 2014

R&SJ Family BD Party~

Big families have big celebrations and my biggest request for the day was a NEW family photo~
Could NOT be happier with it and the quote really says it all~
Family is everything!
Love Wins Again!!

Back to the birthday celebration...
Our house was FULL to the brim since cool, cloudy weather changed our plans for a pool party~
And I didn't even get photos of everyone!
The girls had fun opening gifts~
 and Making wishes over their birthday cake~
This little family certainly brightened up the day~
I am not kidding when I say I LOVE BC so much it aches
{a deep good ache}~
Isn't he scrumptious... 
love that little drool dripping from his face {sugar}! 
Having these 4 bigs home was SO fun~
They certainly bring out the excitement in the littles and are adored with big love!
Our church is always saying The Best is Yet to Come
and I believe it there AND in our family~
 SO thankful!!!
Happy birthday girls~
May we celebrate MANY more together!!!


  1. What a perfect day! You have the most beautiful family. You are soooo blessed!

  2. Happy birthday SJ and Rosie!!!

  3. Love just pours from these photos! It makes me smile jsut looking at them :) Happy birthday to your beautiful girls!


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