Friday, August 8, 2014

SJ is 7~

SJ has looked forward to her birthday for months!
She has wanted to visit the Greenville Children's Museum for months as well.
Just made sense to plan both for her special day.
She woke early and walked into the kitchen to find a big box waiting to be opened~
 She was excited to find a pink princess doll bed and a few minutes later,
Memommy arrived with an American Girl doll for her as well~

SJ had told me a few weeks ago she wanted her 'own AG doll' not one that used to be the Bigs'.
Here she is with her American Today Girl~
Even though it was pouring rain we headed to Greenville for a very fun outing @ the Greenville CM.
Scott put us out at the front door and you can tell from Holly's face she was not happy about it~
 As soon as we were through the payment line, the kids were off to explore all 3 floors~
 Grocery store was very much a favorite and dad decorated SJ a birthday cake~
Scott and I LOVED having Rosie and Fi with us to keep eyes on all the littles~
 Their other favorite was the farm~
 Water works was super fun as well~
Everyone had a ball and it was time for lunch~
Truly we had planned to head home but the clouds had parted and the showers subsided SO
we decided to give the Greenville Zoo a try~
NOT even kidding when I say there was ONE other couple there and we had the whole Zoo to ourselves~
All the kids had binoculars for easy animal observations.
We all loved the lions and sat watching them for a long while~
Because it was SJ's bd she got to visit the gift shop with her dad and choose a souvenir lion!
The rest of the kids and I waited outside~
SJ chose mini cupcakes and ice cream for our dinner and we sung Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday sweet beautiful SJ!
We could not love and adore you more!!
Looking forward to her family party on Sunday!!!


  1. What a wonderful day you all had! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

  2. Happy belated birthday to your precious Shaylee Joy!! looks like she was blessed with a fabulous day!! Birthday Hugs!!

  3. Happy Birthday to SJ! She's such a beautiful young lady!

  4. Happy 7th Birthday to Shaylee Joy!!

  5. Birthday Blessings Shaylee Joy! Hope your day is special, love your smile!


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