Friday, July 4, 2014

Quarter of a Century~ {Savannah}

25 beautiful years is how long Scott and I have loved this 4th of July baby~

We couldn't wait for them to get here today so we could start a day of partying poolside~
We all enjoyed a fun day in the sun~

We sure missed Mill but I think she was in good hands~

We grilled burgers and dogs then topped it all off with cake and homemade ice cream~
My grandfather turned 98 this past week so we loved celebrating him as well!
Holly was all smiles all day~
I'm pretty sure she is liking the family thing!!!
Happy birthday sweet Savannah!
YOU started this whole family thing and we sure are thankful God blessed us with you!
One of the BEST 4ths ever!


  1. Happy 4th! Happy Birthday to Savannah & your Grandfather!! LOVE seeing all those smiles from Miss Holly :)

  2. Sharon, Happy birthday to Savannah! How fun...a 4th of July baby!!! Your little Holly is simply precious. You can actually see the twinkle in her eyes when looking at her pictures and the way she looks at Daddy is priceless. How beautiful to see. Enjoy!

  3. Happy Birthday, to your first Baby Love!


  4. So glad to see your family making memories and celebrating the oldest original's birthday! Maddox is sitting with me and she pointed to the family picture and said, "Oh, I just love that family because she (pointing to HM) is so cute!"


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