Monday, July 7, 2014

Most Asked Question...~

Scott is our #1 errand runner these days and he came home to say the most asked question he gets is...

How do you communicate with her {HollyMei}?
I guess looking from the outside in,
 it makes perfect sense to wonder that.

Other questions:
~Do your other kids remember Chinese and speak to her? {no}
~Do you know a lot of Chinese and speak to her? {no}
Then how???

In China HollyMei was in such shock,
 she didn't really communicate that much even with our guides that spoke her language.
We definitely didn't see the smiles and personality that is blossoming now that we are home.

Back to communication...
at first it's just pure survival words like potty, eat, bed, all of which we said, acted out, and led her toward.
She has learned a lot by watching the other children too.

HollyMei has been in our arms for 3 weeks today and boy has she come a long way in so many ways~
Does she even look like the same child?
Just in the week she's been home, she has learned to understand lots of things and to say many things.
Keeping her world small just here in our house {cocooning} has made a huge difference.

Her scariest times are when it's time for sleep and having a bathroom emergency...
both in which she is learning to trust.
When I see a disturbed look on her face, I know she needs to potty and I started singing... 
Potty, potty, potty in a fun way as we race to the bathroom.
Just from that silly routine, she has learned to trust I will take her and I have learned she has a great love for music.
NOW she sings it to me when she needs to go and we both go running together.
I started singing a brushing teeth song and she already sings it too when I show her we are going to brush!!!
"Brush, brush, brush you teeth,
Brush your teeth together!" 

She is so happy to wake up each morning and find me in the family room waiting for her.
She spends a little time in our laps then off to find something to do.
She and Evie have their own school shelf so they usually play together~
Just this morning I sat with them as Evie taught Holly how to play a game.
How did they communicate?
Just in showing and facial expressions.
I do have to say they both speak their own languages to each other and it seems to work itself out pretty well. :)

Truly Maria Montessori taught that children learn well with few words and being shown how to do something.
Giving lots of positive eye contact works well with her as well.

Holly says Mama, Baba, baby, potty, Evie, thank you, hello with the Chinese phrase with it 
because that's what we do and she is mirroring us~

She loves to eat and pretty much eats it all.
There are a few things we have learned she does not like by trial and error... 
strawberries, oatmeal, and cold things are not her favorite.

She is very loving and kisses Scott and I all the time...
melts us of course!
She and Evie are getting along very well...
maybe we're in the honeymoon period or maybe we aren't but either way, they are doing better than we imagined.

Evie is sharing well and Holly is learning what that means basically because she's never had anything of her own.

My mom and sister have facilitated the sister bond by sending HM a bitty baby, carrier, and clothes just like EC has~
Do you think she was a LITTLE bit happy?
Holly has watched how Evie plays with her baby and now...
She is all about a baby and has learned to sing Rock-a-bye, dress her, and kiss her! Pure sweetness!!!

I am going to blog @ Growing Whole Hearts what we are doing for preschool.
For the most part it is going well but gets crazy at times too.
Just rolling with it and getting in a groove 
so when fall gets here it won't be a big change.

LOVE wins again!!!


  1. beautiful post about your beautiful girls! Holly Mei looks so happy and so loved!! Blessings to you all :)

  2. Love it! My almost three and a half year old happened to see the video and was very excited. When I explained who Holly was, she beamed and said, "She was adopted from China just like me!". I love the relationship developing between Evie and Holly. Beyond precious.

  3. This simply took my breath away. So precious.

  4. Just precious!!!! LOVE hearing that little voice. Thanks for sharing it with us !!! Don't you just LOVE this life:-)!!


  6. When I need a lift or some quick joy and warm smile, I just look up your blog. I love this family... :)
    Mary Youngblood

  7. Sharon I LOVE the little videos of her. She is talking so well. :) Cora is having a hard time with the language. It will come. Love you my dear friend.

  8. I love this! Watching your family grow is such a blessing. Thank you for sharing!


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