Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pediatrician Appt~

Today was HM's ped appt and she did pretty great!
Dr. Steele is amazing and took such sweet time with us asking questions
and just getting a baseline on our baby.
I took the bitties in and Scott took the rest to the park to play~
 All smiles for the first half of the appt...
then sad sad after a finger poke and TB test~
We got a great report, referral for her specialist, and new appt in 2-3 weeks.

Weight~ 26lbs {0%}
Height~ 37 1/2" {4%}
BMI~ 13.84 {7%}

~Drink lots of water
~Eat lots of vegetables and fruits
~Supplement with an iron vitamin for a little while
~Make appt with specialist

I think we can do all that and so thankful we have a very healthy girl!!!

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