Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Another Appt~ {HM}

So with most adoptions comes lots and lots of dr appts...
some not such a big deal~
 As was true for our first appt with Dr Steele for a follow up.
HM had gained 3/4ths of a pound and doing great.
From there we were sent for Titer bloodwork and THAT WAS a big deal~
 HM was super brave and only shed silent tears 
as she watched the tech draw five big viles of blood.
HM is so trusting and calm...
she kept looking up at me for confirmation that this was all ok.
Juice box for both girls made everyone feel much better.

The other 4 kiddos enjoyed Daddy Nana Day Camp while we were gone~
And there was NO need for a Target prize this day...
Visiting BC is all the PRIZE we need!!!
Can! not! get! enough!
Thank you Nana for always helping out and letting us 
LOVE BC with everything we've got!!!


  1. Adorable dresses! :) I can't believe they take all those viles of blood @ the office....we always got sent to the hospital.

  2. Don't know how she is going to leave him come fall, but she said she has a great sitter for him (that is BC, I am talking about) Curious has Evie's relationship with Payne changed now that she has her little buddy Holly? I know her and Payne were super close.


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