Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bitty Girls again~

It is very important for the bitty girls to have opportunities to share
and be sisters.
Today I found a couple of ideas that reminded me to spend time showing them HOW to play together.
I brought our easel out of storage
{amazing how exciting it is for something out of sight to come back... like a brand new toy}.
I set up white paper, dot painters, and paint shirts~
 Loved watching Evie interact with Holly showing her how the painters work then lots of giggling.
They LOVE play dough and had just pulled it out when I remembered this post and printed the free mats~
Holly has been wanting to use scissors and you know Evie's history with them
but decorative scissors require just a little more precision so figured
they were safe for just play dough cutting
{and NOT hair!!!}.
Shot this little video to show a new little habit HM has begun~
Not long after we were home, HM figured out her Chinese was not working for her.
So when another sibling would speak to me she would come behind them and mumble in a soft voice then give me the biggest smile.
Knowing full well I still couldn't understand, we would both burst out laughing.
The video shows a tiny bit of it...
she has a very quiet voice and often she does it so quick I can't video it.
You can see her left handed work and diligence with scissors.

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