Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A New Dawg in Town~

For the last couple of days, Rosemary has been @ orientation~
with her sweet roommate and mom~
friends of ours' from years gone by... 
7 of them and picked up right where we all left off!
We had such a great day yesterday taking in as much as we could
and coming to terms with a day when they will STAY.
Right before we were done for the day,
the students went out to learn how to 'Call the Dawgs!'~
They even called alum up to help with the cheer... 
LL and I were super excited to be back in our old stomping grounds!
Today Rose was there on her own, registered for classes~
and got her ID!
Little Rosie... baby original...
HOW can it be time to set you free~
God has big plans for you at that Big Ole University...
Go glorify Him in Everything Beautiful you do!!!


  1. Bittersweet moments indeed!! Go DAWGS!!!

  2. Oh....your baby original is going to fly beautifully I'm sure


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