Monday, February 3, 2014

49 & 4= {Birthday Blessings}~

Maybe you remember Evie's birthday being a big piece of how God showed me she was sweet daughter~
 And this was her last year on her 3rd birthday just home a few days~

Yesterday she and I celebrated party style with our family~
SO wonderful to have our bigs home all together!
 Evie had waited all day long to open her gifts...
{Actually she got to open one first thing and while I was getting ready for church... she opened ALL of them.}~
 I did salvage one and thankfully two were still hidden away in the guest house! :)
SO back to the gift opening... it was necessary to open first~
 She LOVED all her gifts: bitty baby clothes, tea set, Sophia dress up, bitty baby bed, a button game, AND money!!!
I opened a beautiful Chinese love charm for my Pandora bracelet and then it was time for cake and sherbert~
{This was my first attempt at making the cake and icing plus decorating... 
let's just say I won't be opening my own business.}
Her expression was SO sweet when we sang happy birthday we had to do it twice and {we forgot to video}~

 Today has been a busy and beautiful day!
Payne was scheduled for an ultrasound @ CHOA so we loaded up and headed into Atlanta for the day~
 His appt went great!
We ate lunch @ The Cheesecake Factory!!
I came home to sweet cards from Mimi and Gigi!!!
Evie opened her last gift~ a Plasma car which we scored for super cheap on Zulily back before Christmas!!!!
AND a birthday shared with this precious baby couldn't be any sweeter!!!!!

49 & 4= Birthday Blessings beyond Words! 

Thankful for every single wish and sweet thought today!
May God bless you all as much as you have blessed me and Evie!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to both of you! How sweet that you share the same day! Love the cake, adorable!

  2. Happy birthday to the both of you!!!

  3. Happy birthday to you and your sweet girl!

  4. Happy birthday my sweet friend and to your special little girl!!!

  5. that video! So precious. Happy birthday to both of you!!

  6. The cake looks fantastic! Happy birthday!!! Joy and happiness all year long!

  7. Happy Birthday Blessings to you & your sweetie baby girl!! The cake is precious & what a fun day!

  8. Happy birthday to you both! Such a special day! Best wishes for the year ahead!

  9. We had a great time celebrating Evie's b-day with you all! She was so sweet!!!! Cheesecake Factory sounds amazing... :)