Monday, January 16, 2012

Maybe a Little Priss~

Today was a GRAND day for our family.
We spent the day with Amelia for Bid Day.
We were actually driving past a building 
when she came running out SO excited~
 that she and her roomie Jessica 
had been chosen by Phi Mu, Savannah's sorority~
 A happy Phi~
 Couldn't be prouder of the whole crowd~
 This photo just makes me melt~
 Between her Bid and Run Down the Hill time,
we enjoyed a little Mexican~
 We waited on the hill to see her with her Phi class.
Here are the boys, SO cute~
 Can you tell she's just a little excited?~
 Amelia's never really been prissy at all
but maybe a little Priss is in store for her~
 The Run~
To some of the best friends she will ever have~
 While three littles popped a squat to watch~
 The Phi Mu SISTERS~
(Don't think Savannah could be prouder!)
 Sweet Madison who took good care of A all week~
 I think the thing that thrilled the littles the most
was all the animals roaming around.
They were VERY excited to pet this beautiful bunny~
 WP LOVES his Mimi~
 Wondering if Rosie will follow legacy too?~
 I think I was MOST excited about our family being together today
and getting a photo~
(Sure missed Josh!)
 What's that Martina song about the laugh lines on her face...
I am one 'happy' mama!!!~
 The girls in pink are A's Phi class with the whole group~
 Couldn't be happier~
 So happy to see Emily (a faithful blog reader :)~
 Sweet roommates, Phi Mu sisters soon~
 Savannah and Haley~
 Whitney escorted the girls to parties all weekend~
Megan and Madison~
 My beautiful children~
AND I just had to throw this blast from the past 2008,
Savannah's Bid Day... just look how much they've grown.
Oh little EK, you were just a babe and now look at you.
My, how our family has grown! 
 We are SO happy for Amelia and know she will LOVE
getting to know and love all her new friends
whom she will soon call her SISTERS!


  1. Such a sweet post! I love the pic of all 6 of them and I like how you grouped them oldest, middle, and youngest. Your family has grown, Friend!

  2. Ahhhh! She sure does look so thrilled and excited! What a fun day for your family! Thanks for sharing and congrats to Amelia!!

  3. Congrats Amelia!!!! I loved sharing bid day with my Julianne:). I LOVE all the family pictures!

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  5. So glad you guys had a wonderful day celebrating yesterday with Amelia! Loved looking at all the pictures, especially the ones of all the kids together!

  6. LOVE it! Love all the pink!!! So fun! GREAT photos!!!

  7. Congrats! So much pink and happy celebrating!
    The littles looked adorable... Will needs more boys in the pictures w/ him though...hee hee!

  8. What a fun day! Love the picture of the bigs and the littles!

  9. How fun that you were all able to share the day together!! Such adorable pics! And I love the blast from the past!!

  10. wow, congrats to Amelia....such an honor!! You must be one proud mama:)