Sunday, June 3, 2018

May Family Memories~

Calla had her first real dentist appointment and got a wonderful report~

SO wonderful to have outside days to ride bikes~
 and play in our Mud Kitchen~
 And have picnics! Look at the cool walkway Scott made with old stones~

We took the boat out while Rosie was home, stopped to explore and island, and ate at a new little place at the marina~

Sunday was more pool and a dinner picnic again~

Birthday Girls:

Holly and Calla share a birthday and they got new princess dresses as a gift so all three girls dressed up for a photo session~

They also got new princess figures, backpacks and bikes~

Rosie's UGA Graduation:

We were so excited for a celebration picnic at Rosie's house before graduation.
She, Hayden, Abby, and Davis plus families all enjoyed it~

It started at 7 and lasted over three hours.
The kids did amazingly well and even said they enjoyed the speakers, but we know they loved it because of the firework show at the end.
We are SO proud of you Rosie and know God has BIG plans for your life~

Family Party:

The next morning we picked up the boys so Savannah and Josh could have a little Vegas vacation for their 7th anniversary~

They were just in time for a big birthday/graduation party for Holly, Calla, Payne, and Rosie~

This was their family party so we celebrated with swimming, grilling, cupcakes, and gifts~
 It was such a sweet time celebrating~

Mama had us take a photo of the three generation UGA graduates and we loved having everyone here~

The rest of the days with the boys were SO fun~
 It's amazing how well they all sleep and get along~

The little girls also got aprons and bonnets for their birthday~
 The day we took the boys home~

Hair style by Evie~

Payne is 10:

We celebrated Payne's birthday with a picnic, cupcakes, and he also got a new bike~

Amelia and Rosie had BIG news: Amelia got a promotion at work and Rosie landed her first real job~

We celebrated that night with a evening sunset ride on the boat~

Mother's Day:

There is NOTHING sweeter than having all my chicks in the nest and that's definitely what made my Mother's Day perfect~
 We hung out by the pool and enjoyed being together!
I couldn't imagine a more beautiful life than I have with Scott and the children~

Three of the glasses crew had appts and we stopped by CFA to see Ms. Debbie~

We had a huge rain and the kids LOVED swimming and jumping in puddles~

One Sunday morning the little girls came down in their bonnets and asked to wear them to church... cute but no. :)~

Watermelon season is their FAV~
 Little bit even had on her watermelon swimsuit~

Calla's 2nd Gotcha~

On May 23rd, we celebrated Calla's gotcha day.
She blew out a candle at breakfast~
 We enjoyed swimming with our cousins~
 Mimi came over to bring a gatorade and skittles, and dad grilled steak kabobs for dinner~
 She let me take sweet photos of her~

Sam's Graduation:

On our way to the beach, we swung by Charleston, SC to celebrate Sam's graduation from high school~
Sam is in the orange bowtie!
 After the ceremony, we all went to his party at their beach house of Folly Beach!
We enjoyed yummy BBQ and cake with lots of family~
 It was such a wonderful evening and we spent the night there with them that night~
 This was our children's first time every drinking a Sprite and they LOVED it!
Look at that gorgeous sunset~

The next morning,  we went to the beach to play on the rocks.
There were tons of beautiful creatures to admire~

 All the cousins loved playing together~
 EK found a blue crab~
 and a beautiful sand dollar.
I LOVED taking this amazing photo of all the cousins~

Surfside Beach, SC for Vacation:

We headed to our beach condo after lunch and met our big kids there for a restful afternoon and then out for dinner~

Monday morning it was raining so we did a little school~
 but the kids didn't care about the rain so Scott and Savannah took them out to walk on the beach~
 After lunch, we were able to go out and enjoy the day~
 We couldn't have had better weather, not too hot and not too cool~
 EK found this Flat Fish in the tide pool and later sketched it in her journal~

The view from our balcony never gets old and the kids loved sketching cute things in their journals~

We always try to do a little schooling when on vacay, and I woke up one morning with this Shark game on my mind.

It was amazing to have Savannah with the boys and Rosie with us~

There was a big storm out in the Gulf that threatened our weather but we never had a single bad day. It was absolutely glorious~

OH those sweet Grand Loves~

One of our favorite things were the lunch balcony picnics everyday.
EK sketched her Flat Fish too~

Burying each other is always a favorite thing to do~
 And the shell treasures were amazing~
 The waves were awesome and the sky beautiful and the children precious~

Thursday morning came entirely too soon, and we said goodbye to Savannah and the boys.
She drove them home almost 7 hours by herself... what a rockstar~
The photo of Scott eating off complete strangers' table will be a hilarious joke forever!!!!!
 A couple of sketches from EK and Calla~
Calla said this was me and all my many children :)
 More fun in the sun~

 Not sure why I put this same pic in twice but of well... they are cute~

Holly's 4th Gotcha Day:

We celebrated Holly's gotcha a couple of days early since we would be going home on her day.
We ate at PF Chang's and everyone spent their own money on a book~
 We are SO thankful God allowed us to be Holly's family!!!

Finally Amelia and Logan arrived for the rest of the week~

EK spent alot of her time reading her new book and discovering amazing creatures~

 This is the first year since adopting that everyone LOVED being in the ocean and jumping waves~

We all ate at Lee's Inlet Kitchen and then donuts and then...
 It was all fun until we headed home an hour after bedtime, and Calla cried all the way home. :(

Finally on Saturday, I saw my first sunrise because it had been cloudy every single day~
Even with three bedrooms, we had some sleeping on the sofas and floor.

We enjoyed the pool just as much as the beach but it was mostly for cleaning off all that sand before we went inside.

It was one of the BEST vacations we had had in a very long time. The kids were all stable and happy. They all slept well each night and played hard each day. We are SO hoping to go back in late Sept ot Oct for another little get away.

And there you have it...
Our May Family Memories!!!


  1. Lovely post and family. Great sea creatures and shells.....we only find shell fragments on our beaches.

  2. Looks like a great month! Birthdays, gotcha days and graduation ~ plus mothers day!

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