Friday, June 29, 2018

June Learning~

I follow lots of people who recommend wonderful picture books,
and I LOVE clicking over to the library site and putting them on hold.
We have read SO many lovely stories like these~

I also love putting out invitations for the youngest three to build their reading and writing skills~
I placed sight words with moveable letters, and Calla matched them, read them, and played for an hour!

We also recorded these fairy tales together with her helping me make the turn the page sounds~
 We also love playing our Shark game comparing two cards and placing them in the correct shark cup.

One of our favorite writing activities is recording our memories from photos we take and print~

EK has been allowing a dead bat to decompose so she can preserve the bones.
She goes to check on with a mask on to protect from the horrible smell~
 She also worked hard to organize all the shells we got from the beach
and now they are all beautiful displayed on our nature shelf.

We have also read lots of our Science book along with these wonderful nature books~

The books gave us ideas of beautiful coral~
 so we colored darkly on sandpaper and then cut coral shapes from it.
I ironed it into nature journals and they wrote about it~

The SumBlox have been so fun with our math activities~

We watercolored our new hymn and scripture while listening to our Little House read aloud~

Ella found this adorable turtle and kept him for a few days before releasing him back into a patch of wild strawberries~

Puzzles and Morning work~

Window Words was a super fun way to practice sight word reading and writing~
 We read them, copied them, and read them again~
 Everyone loved this fun activity~
 Even the big girls while they practiced their vocabulary words instead of sight ones~

Another stack of wonderful library read alouds and Calla's new math book~

Photos of all the things EK has created for nature shelf~

Evie found some frog bones out near the pool and brought them in to tape into her nature notebook~

One afternoon, a baby rabbit got stranded down in a area near our basement so EK put on gloves and rescued it~
 We took these precious photos before she released him back into the yard.

 EK was able to preserve the bat bones so we ordered a shadow box online~

And displayed it by lightly hot gluing it to the backing~
 Looked just like it came out of a nature store!

More Photo Stories~

Books for a new year of learning that we ordered from Amazon~

This is Calla's favorite book and she loves to read it over and over~

EK and the boys were required to do standardized testing this year and after three long days of it, we loaded up and went for blizzards to celebrate~
 Good job testing taking kids and kids who found something to do!!!

Building forts from reading The Little Red Fort over and over~

Writing to our penpals is a favorite thing around here to so if you're not writing~
find something else to do that you love!
That's exactly what they did!
It was a wonderful month of learning even in the middle of the summer!!!

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