Thursday, May 31, 2018

May School Memories~

May was a fun month although official schooling was little spotty.
I tend to think of our learning style {Life Learning}, and that would certainly be true of this month.
Here are a few free sketches from one morning. I LOVED seeing Calla so diligent~

We made May flowers from a plastic milk jug and yarn~
 The little girls wanted to make their flowers into headbands~

Our story in Little House talked about bees so we pulled out books and YouTube videos to read and sketch~

 To celebrate, we took a little field trip to Blue Haven Honey Co~

and to pick strawberries where we saw honeybees gathering pollen~
 We stopped by the nursery to pick a few plants for our yard~

Payne got this really cool terrarium for his birthday and loved planting his plants too~

We bought beeswax from the honey company to make Lavender Beeswax Salve~

We also got this awesome bee puzzle to put together~
 Now it sits on our nature shelf and the kids know all the body parts~

NEW Math Manipulative Toy:
We order the SumBlox and they have been a huge hit!
There are tons of things to do with them and videos on YT to watch as well~
 When worked on the number 8 with little girls, we used them to make Sums~
 Do you see how the size of the numbers had up to the height of the number?
SUPER cool!!!

Another thing I like to do is put out little invitations without giving any directions.
This was a letter, word, reading tray I made and the girls loved it~

We also enjoyed Lola Dutch, acting out the stories with paper puppets, and painting our own scenes~

 Another great thing Payne got for his birthday was a bird book with bird calls and binoculars~

EK found this little turtle and made him a home for a few days before releasing him back into the wild~

Evie and Holly created their own nest for the birds~

This book, Equal Shmequal, has been an amazing way to teach balance, equal, greater than/less than.
We read the books then created our own homemade balance scale~

This adorable 'Little House' from Melissa and Doug on Amazon has been the perfect addition to our Little House books~
 Calla could play here for hours~

More SunBlox play~

 Snap Words have been a huge hit and help teaching sight words to the little ones and spelling to the middle ones.
Each day when they do their copy work, I have then circle any of the Snap Words they have written~
 Even Calla is reading some of them.
The picture cues on them are amazing~

Savannah gave us this little book and the kids LOVE it!!!
Calla drew her own Little Red Fort Treehouse~
 After we read this amazing book~
Lovely treehouse creations by everyone!

It was lovely month of learning and even though it may have been a little all over the place, I'm pretty sure they all learned, grew, and bloomed!!!

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