Saturday, June 30, 2018

June Family Memories~

Summer time is pool time, and we loved having cousins down play~
 Calla and Slate decided they would like to sketch a little while~

One day the little girls wanted to take ballet lessons so I found a class on YouTube~

A few cute pics of the grandloves sent by Savannah~

Scott bought us hedge clippers and look at those boys becoming amazing men!~

June has been the BIG clean out month.
We purged every closet, drawer, and bin in our house.
Down to mostly things we love and need~

Go HERE for an article I wrote about our Sparkle Jar system~
"The focus is the good deeds done on the journey, not the finished destination. It’s a beautiful journey too because they know once we fill the jar, we start over toward a new goal...
Honestly it helps us move from managing our children all the time to them managing themselves – creating a lovely place to do life together!"

Date Night~


More pool fun trying to coax Macy in for a swim~

SO thankful for a team that helps take care of THEIR home~
 Get a sparkle little one!!!


Wishing for their first tube ride~

We went out to help Savannah take a load to their new house~
 and got a swim in before!

Then we brought the boys home with us for a few days!!!~
 It overwhelms my heart to see the love and fun had with this sweet bunch~
 BEST friends!!!~

 The best of moments~

All the while Josh and Savannah were getting their new home ready~
 The perfect home for this sweet family!!!

I LOVE cutting grass~

After a big day of working in the yard, we headed to the lake for swimming and tubing~
 How about dinner at the Marina~

Evenings of the lake are our favorites~

Scott had the sweetest Father's Day~

We hung out by the pool and ended up in the lake!

 The perfect ending to a perfect day was their first time catching lightening bugs~

EK and SJ have had penpals for a while.
Today they mailed their letters all on their own!
Growing up~

Got the boys again!
Stopped by to see Rosie~

Sweet moments with BC and Marshall~

 BC navigated to me in the mornings and Marshall to Papa~

 We took care of Shiloh too, and the boys loved going to see her on the golfcart~

Savannah and Josh came to get the boys and we had a pool day.
EK caught this cool snake to observe then release~

More lake photos~
 One of the most therapeutic places on earth other than the ocean~
 Ice cream at the marina~

We went out to dinner so Scott could spend his Father's Day gift card.
Thanks Big Kids!!!~

JUNE 21: OUR Anniversary:
Rosie gave us a whole day away and as we drove out of the yard,
Scott said... We will stop anywhere you want...
So we ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel (his choice),
Browsed antique stores and found printer's trays for our nature finds~
 Bought new shoes,
Went hiking to the waterfall,
Shopped in Highlands, NC,
and dinner at a delicious new restaurant~

We found two printer's trays which are very hard to find, cleaned them up,
and hung them in our living room by our nature shelves~

Ella was SO excited to keep Cabot for Amelia and Logan~
It's like he is at a pet spa when he comes. :) Precious pup!!!
And that's June in a long nutshell.

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