Friday, April 20, 2018

Life Schooling~

These are just a few of the highlights from the week.
We love these math stories and just happened to have marshmallows to go with it today~

It's funny how certain themes come around over and over but we are always learning new things.
This time in our study of rainbows, we learned the acrostic Rainbows Over You God's Blessed Vow~
 We sketched what we learned and made a rainbow with light and water.
Calla was really taking it all in~

The next day we learned all about Fish~
 Everyone chose a book with fish in it to sketch and we added silver scales like The Rainbow Fish~

Poetry Teatime is getting more and more fun now that the kids can choose and read their own selections~

In science we learned all about sea turtles, and we just happened to have some shells on our nature shelf to touch and observe~
 The kids all enjoyed a simulation of a sea turtle pulling herself onto the beach to lay her eggs~

We continue to enjoy our Around the World with Picture Books and continue to study China~
 which of course is our Most Favorite!!!

Today was Fun Friday and we celebrated Earth Day early with dirt cups, jokes,
 and painting earths~
 We all decided on a way we could each take care of the earth~
The Life Schooling journey is definitely a beautiful way to spend our days!!!

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  1. Love that this is just so natural and flows so beautifully. Your doing amazing friend!!!


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