A Week without Dad~

Spring Break was all fun and games until Sunday morning when Scott left for a week long business trip.

We were determined to make the best of it with drawing and building~

We listened to a chapter of Plum Creek and researched clouds and storms then sketched~

Other sketches from our reading~

 We enjoyed poetry teatime with goldfish and animal crackers~

The pool cleared up even more, leaves filled the trees, and we bathed the dogs~

We went for walks, played outside, and read in the sunshine~

I came up with a list of verses to use for copywork and memorization~
 Evie is determined to write in cursive and crochets chains all day long~

Thursday our theme was Houses and I strewed a few books for them to sketch from.
Calla chose The Little House and look at the adorable sketch she made~

 The other kids drew anything they wanted~

EK got this huge encyclopedia for her birthday and sketches from it almost every day although this is SJ's sketch of a dragon. She sketched the giraffe above~

Finally it was Welcome Home Dad Day and the kids wanted to surprise him with a dinner picnic~
 He arrived in time to vacuum the pool and grill his own surprise dinner! :)

FUN Friday was so fun with reading What Do You Do with an Idea~
 Everyone drew and painted their favorite Idea~

AND THEN... we headed to the pool!!!~
 IT was FRIGID but they didn't care one bit~

Yesterday we worked in our yard almost all day cutting limbs and burning piles~
 The kids also had a swimming afternoon~
So there you go...
A week without Dad and then a homecoming and fun Saturday with a rainy Sunday for rest.

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  1. So wonderful to see your beautiful family. The kids really seem happy.