Sunday, April 22, 2018

A Fun Week~

I LOVE seeing the kids finding their 'interests' and pursuing them during free time~
Ella reading with her Macy & little girls playing school together

We love sitting out on the breezeway snacking and listening to wonderful stories~

Calla LOVES letters and numbers so I set up invitations for her and she plays~

Our pool is slowly clearing up and the yard is quickly greening up~

It's so fun to have a horse right across the street to pet and enjoy without the ownership~

We were SO happy to have Savannah and the boys here for the day.
Marshall is standing up on his own and taking steps~
 Playing games is BC's favorite~
 He also helped us get the outside ready for my friends to come over for book club~

I never know what the little girls are going to dress up like on a daily basis~
Seriously, they pose and ask for a photo session!
Don't ever want to forget!!!!!

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