Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Sabbath Week~

There is a thought in the homeschooling world that schooling for 6 weeks and resting for 1 keeps a peaceful, restful crew.
It is endearingly referred to a Sabbath Week: A week to rest, refuel, and refresh the family.
Because we pretty much school year round
and honestly think we have been going since the beginning of July on this new year
and we had a busy dr/BC week, it was the perfect time for our Sabbath.

As the week wore on, it was hard to keep a strict no learning rule
because these children truly thrive on a routine such as our Wild Explorer Nature Wednesday!
Our assignment for the week was to choose a hiking stick, strip it, and smooth out for our walks.
Daddy was totally in charge of this~

Friday night we instituted a Brave Writer idea of Friday Family Movie Night.
I chose Because of Winn Dixie because it will be our read aloud next week.
I thought it would be a great idea to have images in their minds as they listened.
They loved it~

Amelia helped us make our hiking sticks personally awesome with branded names on them~
 They turned out beautifully~
SO even though we were on Sabbath, we were learning too!!!

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