Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Sabbath Week~

Lots of appts and visits were planned this week so instead of plowing through school,
we took a sabbath week to rest and focus.
Sunday morning was wonderful but as the day worn on, Calla became irritable until she fell asleep on me~
 This has been the pattern over the last couple of weeks... fever, irritability, and needing to be held constantly.

We took her for a dr appt Monday to get our pediatrician's opinion
and she sent us for updated blood work along with a battery of other tests~
 Most everyone had tooth money so we stopped by TRU for a treat.

Tuesday morning we were home and the older kids pulled out Monopoly.
Evie and Holly weren't invited for obvious reasons, so they made their own game to play~

Wednesday we had a scheduled 4 yr checkup for Calla,
and she had grown 2 lbs into the 2nd percentile; also got 4 shots~

Thursday we rode with Scott into Atlanta to love on BC all day~
 He was excited to know he got to come home with us for the night~
 It was quite the tag team event to keep him and Calla practicing their friendship!
They made progress!!!

Friday evening we enjoyed Family Movie Night by watching Because of Winn Dixie.
This is our read aloud for next week, and I thought it would be awesome to have the story in their mind as we read~

The weekend was low key with a little swimming and lots of baby playing~

We did hear back from Calla's blood work, and she will see the infectious disease specialist on Thursday.
There is a thought she might have some underlying infection maybe in the sternum needing surgery.
Not gonna lie... this causes some scary feelings in my heart
but know God is taking care of every detail!!!

Looking back, it wasn't much of a sabbath week but we did have lots of family time
and was reminded homeschooling really is the best life for our family!!!


  1. Praying for ya and that sweet Calla this morning (Thur AM..)

  2. Oh Shay! We were gone all week and without phone service unless I walked to a certain spot at camp to make my phone work. I will start to pray for Calla in regard to this infection and surgery! And for your Mama's heart too. Love to you! ❤


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