Sunday, May 29, 2016

Chen Academy and Pedestrian Street~

Our BAAS group is really enjoying each other and becoming lifelong friends! There is something about being each other's lifeline while getting to know our children! Here we are in our first photo together when we went to tour the Chen Academy~
Our guide for the week is Elvin and he is so wonderful! He and Scott hugged at the airport like long lost brothers. He is so good with the kids and they adore him~

There was a group of ladies ball balance dancing. The buildings at the academy are quite gorgeous~

We got Calla's Chinese and English name painted on a scroll hanging as well as a traditional name chop. This man has painted for us at least two times before this one. Beautiful~

Once we left there we went to Pedestrian Street to the Pearl and jade market to get gifts for special people~
it was a great morning even with the super hot temps and humidity. So great to come back to hotel for bath and picnic lunch. It's naptime now and I have time to get this on the blog. 

EK~ I smelled the most wonderful magnolia tree today and I was immediately taken home to our kitchen where you've just brought me a blossom from our tree. I love and miss you and can't wait to be home with all of you!!! 

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