Saturday, May 28, 2016

Travel to Guangzhou and Medical Exam~

Calla took her first flight last night and did amazilngly well. It was only an hour but with arriving early and getting to hotel, it was trying for all three kiddos. Calla made the ride to the airport super fun~
First flight~

Today we had Calla's medical exam. She did very well considering the stress of it all. We went through all three stations and then she had her TB blood draw. That was traumatic but a lollipop from Elvin surely did the trick~
We had several moments like the one below but a little bumblebee fun turned that frown upside down~
WE stopped by a local supermarket for a few things we needed and experienced our MAJOR meltdown! I saw a very strong willed side of our girl. I stood outside in the rain while she screamed at the top of her lungs (everyone staring) but knew it was just too much in one day! We came back to the hotel and she immediately settled down.

We sure love our beautiful large room~
Everyone has lots of room to spread out and play! It will be a great place to spend the week and can't WAIT to head home to our sweet family!!! 

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