Monday, May 30, 2016

A Wonderful Day!

Today was a holding day while all families waiting to NOT be called for TB result. No news was good news. 
My first thought was to compare Calla after a week with us. I think her eyes tell the story! Forever Love looks beautiful on this baby~

Big sister Evie on the job again and look at Scott's best friend for the past week~

Our very favorite thing to do in China is walk in the park where the locals are doing life. Such beautiful scenery~
Beautiful people~
Beautiful activities~
Everyone enjoying each other even though the humidity is so high we were soaked and wet~

I asked Scott to hold Calla for a minute while I shot a few pics. Here she is in full meltdown mode~

We returned to the room for our daily play bath and picnic. Right about the time we were going down for nap... We got the Call. Calla's blood work was positive and we had to go back to medical clinic for chest X-ray. Not going to lie~ I was shaken but felt sure God knew this and had it all in His control. As we prayed the name of Jesus out loud in that clinic, He was there taking care of our girl. X-ray was clear, they gave us medicine for her fever, and sent us to the pharmacy~
Successful trip and we went back to hotel. The medicine administration was not pleasant. She fought us and remained mad for for over an hour. Finally she got over it and returned to her adorable self. 

Maybe you wonder why I named this post A Wonderful Day. I believe God is good all the time and claiming wonderful over worry!!! I praise Him for this day and continue to pray healing for our baby. Blessings and love to all!!!


  1. Oh girl!!!!! Praying you home. I know you are ready. Love you friend.


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