Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Free Day~

This morning Calla woke up mad as a hornet. Not even exaggerating she screamed for 30 minutes. We were able to get her dressed and left for breakfast where she ate and ate and ate. Like her outfit? She made me put her pjs back on over her dress. Whatever works. We came back to the room to play and she was fine~
Don't know what the big deal was mom~
With a free day, we had to find things to do like walking around the hotel learning to be sisters~
Calla would not lie down for a nap and had another little screaming fit. The only thing that brought her out was Scott's reading glasses~
We went for a short walk in the park and got everyone an ice cream. Calla's first and she was quite taken back with the cold! Didn't even finish before she wanted in the tub~
Seriously when in China, the bathtub is your best friend!!!!! Now we're playing again waiting for dinner time. Tomorrow is our consulate apportionment. Whoo Hoo!!!


  1. This one's a fighter! Good for her to be grieving so early on. Betting she will attach fiercely and forever :)

  2. She is cute as all can be! Have to be grateful for the small steps forward.


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