Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Story of her Name~ {CallaAnne}

The day we got a confirming yes we had the file,
and yes her heart had a great repair,
and yes we truly knew she was our daughter,
we sent Letter of Intent (LOI) to China.

That same evening we had Scott's sister over for dinner.
I felt James 1:27 so clearly depicted in our family
with one less orphan and a widow at our table.
I thought it would be a sweet thing to name our baby after her Aunt Susan.

Because you know her name was my next dilemma...
we couldn't keep calling her 'that little girl'. 
We extinquished every single name list online that week
and on Saturday Scott said he kept thinking of a song with beautiful in the title.
I did a Itunes search and came up with Charlie Hall's
On the Road to Beautiful~
We just sat listening and worshiping.
At the end of the song I thought we should find a name that meant Beautiful
and the first list I pulled up gave us the name Calla.
We paired it with Anne (after her aunt) and means He Favors You.

CallaAnne~ Beautiful and Favored.
Chosen and Loved already!!!
Coming home to her forever sometime in 2016!


  1. Hi there! I have been following your blog since you brought Payne and Evie home to forever, but have never commented. :) I read, I laugh and I often cry after your posts. They always seem to touch my heart and encourage me. I am also a teacher and so both your blogs speak greatly into my life. I am so happy and excited for your family. God is so amazing and I am thankful He has blessed you in so many ways!! Looking forward to hearing and seeing more and your fundraisers! Keep is posted :) With love, Alison (in Canada!)

  2. I feel the same as the lady above. I never comment but I read every post. It's so,inspiring to see how you let God work in your life. When I saw that you were going to adopt again, I cried tears of joy. And Calla is one of my favorite names. I know you don't do what you do for praise - and I am sure you have long since learned to ignore the critics. But for what it is worth, I'm overjoyed at your decision. 7 is a perfect number!

  3. Congratulations! She's another beauty. :) I'd wonder if people would mishear that name as "Callahan".