Not Our Story OR Our Timing~ {Seven Months Later}

God has had us on such a HUGE journey of faith this year
and Matthew West will get your world lined up with ours'~
One Less... Matthew West

"When I get to heaven I have a really hard time believing
God is going to ask 'Why did you give so many orphans a home?'

Have you ever watched Francis Chan’s video on Eternity? Watch Here~

It’s quite amazing when you stop to think of how short our time on earth...
a vapor compared to the eternity we will share with Christ. 
(And the people who choose Jesus as their Savior)

Have you ever had those moments when you really wonder 
WHAT in the world am I supposed to be doing?
Really doing for God???
Bottom line... We are here to love like Jesus and lead others TO Him!
That is the WHY of our homeschooling adventure... Growing Whole Hearts.

Over the past Seven months God would press on my heart that we might have another but every time I brought it up,
Scott would say a definite no. 
I respected him completely and secretly felt relief.
(In my 'humanness' who would want to start all that again?)
We had just gotten settled into a normal life...

Along about April I saw a face that took my breath away
and once again mentioned that we might have another baby waiting for us.
This time he really didn't say anything. That meant no too.

I started to think maybe God just wanted me to advocate instead of adopt
so I barely began to allow myself to share little faces on my FB wall or IG.

That same little face would continue to pop up over the next couple months
and I prayed for her family to find her although I really wanted it to be us.
(I knew without a doubt if she was our little girl I didn't have to make it be.
God already knew and would make the way to her. Faith!)

Around our anniversary I learned she indeed had a family sending LOI
and I was thankful she would have her forever.
(I was sad it wasn't us but believed God knew best.)

THEN one afternoon I was working at my desk in the schoolroom
when I received a message that she was back on the list
and my heart leapt out of my chest.
Her agency name was Rayne and I am not kidding
when I say it began to POUR outside my window...
chills all over me.

I had a choice...
Be silent? Advocate again? Or send to Scott?
I thought he needed to know she was back on the list
so I sent her photo with the little message I had received.
I prayed God would make HIS Will super clear to us.

Scott didn't even acknowledge I had sent the photo.
Days later he told me her face kept popping into his mind
as he ran that next Saturday morning.
He kept trying to block it out and say no.

Sunday we went to NewSpring and our pastor preached an amazing sermon~
Perry Noble's Lifesavers! (click link to watch)

God spoke right to Scott's heart and he fought it all day.
In his words he was broken over what he knew God was asking of him.

Finally about 10pm that Sunday evening
(when he really wanted to go to bed and just forget it all)
 he reached over, took my hand,
and said, "The answer is yes."
(Prayers had been answered and we were scared!)

God had indeed told Scott he had a new daughter.
God had indeed made His will for us super clear.

For a long time that night all we could do was cry and pray.
We had chosen another life to love forever.

We had chosen Not Our Story OR Our Timing...
But God's Story being written through Our Family.

So without further ado,
meet our new daughter~
{Seven months later God would give us our seventh from China}
Love Wins Again!!!

Can I GIVE God just a little more Glory for what He has done???

Seven months from that February 7 day when he gave me the word Seven,
He would give us PA for our little girl
(wait for it)
on Sept 7!!!
February 7-September 7: God's number of Completion

Our timing is rarely God's timing and I have learned if you can figure it all out,
it is definitely NOT God's Story.
(His ways are Mysterious)
Just like the man in Matthew West's video,
we have no idea where the money will come from but God has never left us.
He chose this journey for us and He will make the way.
(Cue the fundraisers)

{Rest of the Story tomorrow}

Psalm 127: 3-5
Don’t you see that children are God’s best gift?
    the fruit of the womb his generous legacy?
Like a warrior’s fistful of arrows
    are the children of a vigorous youth.
Oh, how blessed are you parents,
    with your quivers full of children!
Your enemies don’t stand a chance against you;
    you’ll sweep them right off your doorstep.


  1. So thrilled for you! Can't wait to watch this journey unfold!

  2. She is PRECIOUS Sharon!!!! Congratulations on beautiful #7!!!!!! ~Diana

  3. Just tears! I'm ecstatic for you! Please let me know about all the fundraisers!

  4. yes.yes.yes. & I love God's sense of humor with the rain!

  5. SO excteid to see her come HOME!! Blessings, Ashley

  6. Tears! So happy for you! We met you in Guangzhou in Nov 2011... You probably don't remember us but I have enjoyed following your blog. Your newest daughter is beautiful!

  7. Love you sweet friend. An amazing God story!!!!!! Can't wait to see her in your arms.

  8. What a beautiful story!!!

    Hugs to you

  9. Oh my I was so hoping you would show your newest today:)!! She is precious and oh so very blessed!!!

  10. So happy for you! What a precious gift from God!

  11. This is SO exciting! Love how you obey the Lord's calling......such an incredible story!! Your daughter is beautiful!!

  12. I'm so, so happy for your family and especially for precious Rayne....We reviewed her file and while she was the type of profile we were looking for, we didn't have peace that she was ours....I'm so glad she's YOURS! I've also wanted to share that your blog influenced our hearts toward adoption from China and we're now in process for two adorable little guys who will bring the adopted children in our family to SEVEN...We're sure it's OUR number of completion! ;o) You'll have to share this song my husband wrote to announce our new adoptions with your husband...I bet he'll relate! Blessings to you in Jesus!

  13. congratulations. so so happy for your family

  14. You have the most amazing story about all your wonderful children from China. Your heart is so big!! I cannot wait to follow along on this journey to your beautiful new daughter.

  15. Congratulations on your precious daughter! I am never surprised at this news because of your loving heart, but always truly amazed at how God's hand in your children's journeys is shared!

  16. I am not trying to be snarky, you know it's hard to read tone, but I've been curious about something ever since I saw the news. Congratulations by the way! Yes 7 is the perfect # etc, I love it and her name and she's adorable. I'm CURIOUS not trying to be critical. Since each of the 'littles' seems to have a buddy/partner, are you worried CA will feel left out? I've just been the 3rd in a group and I know it can be hard. I'm hesitant to leave this comment because I'm not trying to get your other commenters mad, I'm just honestly curious, and if you don't ask, you don't know right? :)

  17. Congratulations Sharon on your growing family! I'm excited to follow your journey.