Friday, September 25, 2015

SJ's Little Band Bracelet Business~

Remember me saying we met with our social worker over the last week or so?
We love her because she has helped us with half of our children's home studies
and now with CallaAnne so it's like welcoming an old friend back again.

In the times we met with Heather she shared things about her sweet family
and one really stuck with SJ.
She told us her kids had really loved selling band bracelets they made to people in their neighborhood
and SJ decided she wanted to do that too.
(To help bring CallaAnne home)

That very afternoon she gathered her supplies and got busy
with two brothers looking on who would become her partners~
I just happen to share this pic on FB and IG and instantly SJ was in business
with really more than she could believe possible.
Her hope was to sit at the top of the driveway and sell to our neighbors
so she made a sign and I set her up~
She made $2 and was quite proud
but was floored when I told her she had orders for more than 50 online.
It would take SJ, EK, and even Mimi to get the orders filled.
(We are still filling them so please don't give up on us. :)

NOW the background story...

In the meantime while SJ has been making bracelets like crazy,
Scott and I have been talking with a sweet friend at 314 Productions about
shooting a film sharing our adoption story in hopes of moving hearts on this journey as well.
The film will be shot on Wednesday of next week
and would you believe SJ has raised the WHOLE fee for the film???
Isn't God amazing?
That a little business she thought was just for fun
actually made a HUGE difference for CallaAnne and hopefully many more sweet ones waiting for their Forever!!!

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  1. That is so cool!!! Way to go ShayleeJoy!!!!!!! God will provide always!!!