Saturday, September 26, 2015

ZTA Parent Weekend~

Scott and I were thrilled to spend the day with Rosie for ZTA Parent Weekend~
 It was a dreary, drizzly day but that didn't spoil our fun~
{Loved having Michelle (Rosie's big) and Hayden along}
 Loved the game and loved the Redcoat Band more~
SO thankful Rosie loves her school and her sorority.
Even more thankful she came home for the weekend!!!

{BIG Thanks to Amelia, Aunt Susan and Memommy for keeping the littles!}


  1. What fun to get to spend with your baby original!!!!! You look beautiful!!!!

  2. So glad that they were able to have such a fantastic time in London. I am sure the children love having BC with them. I don't know how you do it all. While I am excited to add one more to our family. The idea of more laundry seems so daunting to me! Then also keeping on top of all the doctors appt and comings and goings. I have been really leaning on the scripture that says Through Christ all things are possible.