Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Adoption Timeline Update~

When the decision to pursue an adoption had been made,
 there is a flurry of activity that ensues.

Some Needed and some just plain Crazy.
I admit to both and trying to do it all at the same time. :0

Tons and tons of paperwork Needed to be filled out:
applications, home study documents, and dossier documents
so my desk has looked like this for the last month two weeks~
And over the last 20 days I have finished every single document I needed to complete, gather, notarize, and mail 
trips to the sheriff's dept for criminal checks, medicals at the dr for adults and kids, 
and then to post office~
Those were the Needed things!

Crazy things would be moving ALL the girls to new bedrooms and painting~

Below is Rosie's new room, Bitty girls' where Calla will be also,
and EK/SJ's room~
(Still have to paint the middle room and add bed for bitty girls pink)
At least all the furniture is moved and two room completely done!

We met with our social worker and just waiting for home study to move forward to immigration and fingerprinting.
Thankful for each step closer to sweet CallaAnne~
So very thankful to call her our baby!


  1. Absolutely precious......and I see a strong resemblance to SJ in her!

  2. So glad you got all your paperwork done, way to go! And painting and rearranging rooms! So excited for you! She is just beautiful!

  3. She's cutie! Congratulations!