Friday, May 1, 2015

Waiting until they are ready~ {Boys}

Boys in general bloom a little later than girls and I have witnessed it over and over through my years teaching in public schools. 

The concern then...
 I had no choice but to push them through the lessons and skills chasing a test looming out there in the future. {always getting ready for the next thing}
I am thankful for the time learning at home affords us when my children need time to bloom on their own time table.

WP came home at 3 and PC at almost 5 putting them far behind boys of their same age having grown up with natural families and no trauma. I didn't let all that keep me from introducing them both to books, letters, numbers, art, music, puzzles, tons of outside time among a million other things.

I will admit I worried over their slow learning and progression compared to the pace of other children and I did want to push them BUT for what? There was no reason to accelerate them. TIME when learning at home is one of the sweetest gifts we are given! 

All that being said, I have used several different methods in teaching the boys letters, numbers, writing, and reading. One of the most effective has been writing in a journal every single day as well as free choice games/centers offered to them. We have worked through A, B, and C books of Explode the Code as well as some emergent readers to learn the first few sight words. 

Really it just comes down to waiting until they are ready...

Last week I pulled out the BOB books and have taken two weeks with the first book... (time is on my side) and guess what? They GET it!!!
They are looking for 'at' hiding in words everywhere!
It has been so wonderful watching it happen~
They love our new white board and I love that it is magnetic.
I ordered magnetic letters with vowels being red and they are learning most words have to have a red letter in it. :)
The first day, I made the words with them and they read then wrote.

The next day, I made them a word family book with the 'at' family words inside~
They read them, built them, and wrote them.
I gave them their new book today and they were all over it!
I'm pretty sure they are READY now!!! PTL!

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  1. Good job mama!!!! After Ethan I didn't start formal school with boys until seven. We read and played games and read some more. Boys and some girls just need extra time. I've seen its worth the wait.


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