Friday, May 1, 2015

HollyMei is FIVE!~

Remember last May 1st when I posted HollyMei's birthday in China~
Wasn't she the sweetest baby ever?

And now a year later, she looks like she aged like 3 years.~
Today she woke up SO happy and excited for her big day. 
We gave her a bible and puzzles. 
I'm pretty sure she looked at every single page. 
We made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and sang happy birthday~
 It was a sweet day of playing, grilling for dinner, and an ice cold swim~
No place this sweet girl would rather be on her FIRST birthday at home than HOME. :)
Happy birthday HollyMei! Can't wait for your party on Sunday!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Holly Mei! Being 5 is the best!

  2. Happy Birthday HollyMei
    she has grown like a weed!

  3. Happy birthday sweet Holly!!!!! She has blossomed so much. Love can do a lot.

  4. Happy Birthday Blessings Miss Holly Mei! You are SO Loved!! Enjoy your weekend celebrations! xoxoxo


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